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shep by Tamen
31587 views, 273 favorites, 13 comments
An almost completed girl to German Shepherd TF.
EnjoyingtheChange by PedestrianWolf
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I made that a lot harder than what it should of been! Anyways, this is a guy transforming into a german shepard/beagle mix. He's happy about it. :)
A wolf in girl's clothing by AltairTF
25627 views, 270 favorites, 16 comments
Emily knew perfectly it was a full moon tonight, of course, she knew what this meant too. She didn't intend to stay too long at the school party, but as soon as she got back in her dorm room she realized it had been a very close call. The change hit her as soon as she closed the door. Moaning and writhing with the sensations of her reshaping body, she collapsed in a corner and let it overcome her. It was too late to get rid of her clothes now with her already paw-like hands. The wolf was pulling...
Changing Room by Carousel-Cat
19861 views, 270 favorites, 9 comments
A pretty kitty lady having some ... troubles in the changing room.
HappyHalloweeen! by PedestrianWolf
48124 views, 269 favorites, 23 comments
For a contest on FA. The Halloween candy is tainted with something strange...
Crocodile by Edmol
40763 views, 269 favorites, 8 comments
In the kitchen.
DayatthePark by PedestrianWolf
5 images, 36698 views, 268 favorites, 16 comments
Commission. Two guys go to a park to play some frisbee. They get a little too into it. XP
VaycayKitty by Cobalt_K
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Never use your Twitter app while browsing TransFur. A girl preparing for summer vacation is much more China-bound than she realizes. I was inspired to do this sequence after taking interest in clothing-based transformations. Unfortunately I didn't have time to finish and color the entire thing, just the start and end points. The markings on her face are taken from a waving cat statue I saw while researching Chinese cats. I used internet translators for the Chinese dialogue, so I apologize for an...
TeamSpirit by PedestrianWolf
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A commission of a couple tfing into an anthro cheetah and lion. At the World Cup in Africa of course. ;)
Girl To Fox by Narubi
17392 views, 267 favorites, 10 comments
Hey guys, first submission here ^^; hope you all like it!