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Hello Kitty CS by Juanvaldez
36606 views, 279 favorites, 10 comments
Watch out for those nasty import trinkets. (Now in color)
The Red Curse by Amber-Aria
3 images, 40918 views, 279 favorites, 22 comments
What if "Little Red Riding Hood" was not a simple fairy tale, and instead of a young girl in a red cape, the persona belongs to a sleek and sexy super heroine? The legacy of this Red Riding Hood does not belong to a single person, but is a curse that transfers from one person to another. This unsuspecting @thistle has unwittingly inherited that curse, and will gain the responsibility of the cloak. Unfortunately, a few changes have to be made so he can fit the uniform...
Little Kitty by Sutibaru
2 images, 74253 views, 278 favorites, 13 comments
Done for a art trade. Transgender + Transformation + Age Regression
"Hey Dad..." (Girl Mouse TF) by Dog_Girl_Kari
23867 views, 278 favorites, 19 comments
"Oh, hey dad... So you know how you said to stay out of your lab? Well, I got curious... but ummm, you can fix this, right? I mean, Junior prom is in like 2 days."
tanis by GeckzGo
34866 views, 277 favorites, 18 comments
Evion's character, Tanis. She's so loveable =) I tried making it like the original's background and such.
Komodo Dragon TF by Oter
6 images, 33700 views, 276 favorites, 25 comments
A commission for Artguy over at FA. Edit: New image added, years after the tf.
Joomanji by Kuma
48924 views, 275 favorites, 28 comments
This is my submission for Dragoniade's TF contest thing over at DA. I'm actually pretty proud of this pic,(for once!) makes me feel like I'm getting better at this digital stuff and art in general. Much thanks to kanada for coming up with the little rhyme there. cant rhyme to save my life apperently...Lightly based on Jumanji. That movie had a lot of good TF potential IMO
gryphon page by Angrboda
4 images, 60607 views, 274 favorites, 23 comments
4 page black and white comic style commish. When Cecelia's brother is kidnapped, she recruits some magical help to follow him with all possible speed. [girl > gryphon]
Frisbee by Edmol
28671 views, 274 favorites, 13 comments
G-Shep Fursuit TF by Fox0808
5 images, 60648 views, 274 favorites, 19 comments
*EDIT* All Parts Added! Commission done for PyroAssassin :D (5 parts) German Shepherd Suit :3