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asian dragon slime transformation by Kaju
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1.A pink egg was hatched. Red slime comes out from that and takes him in. 2.The slime covered his upper body. He struggles to escape, but the slime does not leave it. And I let his body change in quality. 3.His body grows like a snake. And he transformed himself into an Asian dragon. Finally the foot of the human being part who stayed is absorbed to slime. 4.The slime completely wrapped up his foot. He struggles to remove slime, but the slimes are not produced. And the tail grew, too. 5.The ...
car by Birvan
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One of the commissions I did to pay the replacement of my tablet's stylus. I was requested to do a woman to horse transformation sequence based loosely on a story on the same topic. Full sequence can also be found here (so certain people don't start saying I stole it):
Werefox Transformation by Narubi
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A Mean Disease by Amber-Aria
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A sketch sequence for my 100 Sketch Challenge. This sequence is for Deiser on Furaffinity, and is the lengthiest TF sequence I've done to date. If you want more information on what exactly's going on in this sequence, visit my FA gallery to see the descriptions associated with each image! Deiser's not looking so good. I think he's coming down with something...
cani's transformation by Journey
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my Lastest pic for Apokol. I figured since we've already seen a cow that I didn't need to draw out her Transformation as long. also fixed the udders.
Ilkay by Coyoteskin
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Just something for fun. I think my art is too stylised now.
PageFin by Jakkal
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This is page 1 of a human to gryphon transformation sequence that Sigmarr, a good and patient friend of mine, commissioned. Ever think that your life isn't as it should be? That fate has taken the wrong path? Ever stare at the clouds in the sky ... and kn
DragoniadeComictf by SolidAsp
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This is page 1 of the Dragoniade TF commission
Going Batty by Spacecat
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My very first TF! A fitting Halloween warning, don't eat candy you find lying in the middle of the woods! Eventually he got to like it <3
Donkey Gal by Viergacht
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A sequence done for The-Transforming-Pen on DA. They dictated the pose and degree of tf and I just strove to deliver. She looks pretty unhappy about the situation, but I like to make up my own story, like maybe she's usually a majestic werewolf who's having an unexpected allergic reaction to Twinkies or something. She'll be fine. LessThanHuman did a really sweet photomanip based on the second drawing!