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TFlogo by SolidAsp
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Here's a large verson of the as of yet un named Trasfur mascot.
angoragirl by Cobalt_K
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A very fluffy goat commission. Denise tries on an angora sweater and doesn't realize how effective it really is. The commissioner has a blog full of fuzzy/wooly TFs like this one:
pwn star bunny by Sevencarpileup
20394 views, 298 favorites, 6 comments
A friends character transforming into a rabbit. See more of my art and contact me for requests/commisions at
The Lottery Ticket by Gillpanda
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a TF about a boy down on his luck and some how wins it "big"
A Love Like Ours by Artist-Guy
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A request from werechu here Griffins! They're like birds and cats... like as if they were one creature and stuff! Uh. Look over there!
rainstormsm by Arania
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Sequence commission for Silverfox :3. This is his character, Luna, an original aquatic creature design, and her origin story as she becomes... well, you'll see :3 A dreamer and a woman easily taken advantage of, she eventually wound up on the streets with her only possession being an old journal. At the end of her rope, in the middle of a drenching rainstorm, something magical happens... And yay also for working on my backgrouns ^.^ Now Complete.
Transformation-Sequence by Lquiroz
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This archeologist will learn to take artifacts home from her dive. Especially when they have come from Atlantis.
Veronica by Evion
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One of the first transformation sequences I ever did, this one happens to be of a 1920's flapper who is magically changed into a humanoid sphinx kind of creature. Sadly, I couldn't keep the drive to color the final stage, so this is as complete as it shall ever be!
pig Transformation by SolidAsp
101476 views, 297 favorites, 12 comments
This pic was a commission for great person by the name of CrimzonSky.
BeastDragonTf by Killpanda
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