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reindeergames by Kuma
48766 views, 331 favorites, 23 comments
Something to start off the x-mas holidays heheh. And my very first commision. Now taking commisions if anyone is interested, just drop me a line. Will divulge price details soonly.
familiar by Angrboda
36785 views, 329 favorites, 26 comments
Morgan was a witch in need of a familiar... and well, who could blame her for what she did? The guy painting the house next door was so available!
Refreshments by Toonexterminator
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Commission for Tjlemket. Simple Comic style of Two girls who take a drink of water and turn into mermaids at the gym. Very quick coloring and shading.. someparts got away from me and logic behind this is poking my brain! But I think it came out alright... ~Enjoy
atomic cover art by Angrboda
30922 views, 329 favorites, 7 comments
The art for the cover to a TF artbook I just released - thought you guys might enjoy the illustration. You can check out the book and a ton of other stuff I've worked on at
Once in a Blue Moon by everruler
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Commissioned by Agentcypher Interested in a commission? Go to
Transfur Husky by DakotaCat
5 images, 42064 views, 326 favorites, 19 comments
A birthday gift causes something... unexpected
Chicken punishment by Daniel-kay
54520 views, 325 favorites, 14 comments
Tough luck if you get a teacher who not only knows magic but has unique ways of punishment
wolfshiftdoneweb by KabukiHomewood
32281 views, 324 favorites, 19 comments
A teenaged girl suddenly finds herself sprouting fur, a muzzle and a figure that just keeps going, er growing!!
John by Coyoteskin
26117 views, 324 favorites, 26 comments
Well, sort of back to my old style. :x
kw-weddingfox-clsmall by BlackRat
46295 views, 323 favorites, 22 comments
Commie for Kathris Number 3. Hali the werefox-thingie getting ready for her big day. Designer dress was a nightmare to draw, Expensive outfit @_@