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Unfamiliar Reflection by Dog_Girl_Kari
9287 views, 60 favorites, 1 comment
It's always a shock when you don't expect to see fur and fangs. =3
Experimental costumes by Demyxia
9244 views, 59 favorites, 4 comments
Chibi commission for FA of my doctor turning someone into a bat for Halloween
Belittled by frankenJade
9075 views, 79 favorites, 1 comment
A haughty young woman talked down to the wrong witch, now she's really been taken down to size! Oh well, now she can begin climbing the social hierarchy of the local mice. They're always looking for new females to join their ranks.
Horsepower (openCanvas with LanceFoxx) by Ciervo
9057 views, 35 favorites, 3 comments
After my general call to people who might want to work in openCanvas (http://wistinga.online.fr/opencanvas/) with me, lancefoxx responded... only to have us work for upwards of 2.5 hours trying to get the silly connection to work! Every tutorial we'd seen on running OC with a router required a program called Hamachi, which, unfortunately, was not working for us (and will not work for any of you, as it's no longer compatible with OC). Eventually we discovered this and substituted LAN Bridger (htt...
Wild Doggo by ArcticFFFox
8891 views, 61 favorites, 2 comments
Needed an example for head shot TF sequences and Lu_Kurio wanted to volunteer. She a wild doggo.
Charizard tf by Taitora
8839 views, 35 favorites, 5 comments
This drawing took longer than I thought. Well, at least it's done now. Charizard is also my favorite pokemon too.
Dragon TF by Taitora
2 images, 8838 views, 47 favorites, 1 comment
This is a lot weirder than a tiger one.
Just in Time for Breakfast - Cow TG TF by Dondedun
8832 views, 52 favorites, 0 comments
"Oh how excellent, an adventurer! I was worried I was going to have to run to the store to pick up more milk."
AgentCypher Border Collie TF - Sketch Commission by Ciervo
8719 views, 75 favorites, 0 comments
AgentCypher's second TF in as many days. Looks like he stopped being a kangaroo just in time to start wagging his tail!
Toucan Splat! by Ciervo
8509 views, 44 favorites, 12 comments
Someone's been hit by a bucket of Danny BrandTM toucan paint! --- Sketched while on the plane today. I think I might be trying some more cartoony TF ideas in the near future! :D