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TF Battle by Kitsunefan
21597 views, 56 favorites, 9 comments
Commission for Kenku on FA , him and a friend get in a TF battle with some innocent bystanders in the way.
Wolf Cop by Dog_Girl_Kari
2 images, 21364 views, 107 favorites, 7 comments
TF scene from a book I am writing.
Caught and Coon'd by TransformationAnonymous
2 images, 20850 views, 66 favorites, 3 comments
So, you were caught stealing from your master, and she finds out. Normally you get fired or kicked to the curb or some other form of punishment. Well, with witches, they're a little more harsh. Turns out, they're often looking for pets and familiars, so if you do them wrong, you tend to have a role to fill. I'm learning that the hard way. (There will be a second page, it's just not done yet. For now, just this.)
Myanmorphosis by Lucern7
10 images, 20084 views, 121 favorites, 7 comments
A Transformation sequence commission from Myanmor-1 on deviantArt it was the first sequence I had completed after my year long hiatus.
Sword and Claw (Sequence!) by Ciervo
3 images, 19631 views, 103 favorites, 18 comments
Lomarcan was out in the park practicing his swordplay when something strange began to happen... --- Finally, the 3-parter commission gets to be posted! Original stock photos by drekian.
Rebound by ArcticFFFox
19083 views, 142 favorites, 5 comments
Comic commission for VulpineTF. Don't order stuff from shady companies, people. (Or do!)
New Tricks by GrandStorm
17724 views, 99 favorites, 5 comments
Dream Master loves pets, and loves to make you one. Humiliate you, and toy with you. When he gets bored is where things can get tricky.
Following Up by ArcticFFFox
6 images, 17614 views, 68 favorites, 1 comment
Soon after the events of me changing into Urtigg, Kuro's own inner dragon started feeling envious -- strongly craving to feel some fresh air again... and started forcing herself out. Pretty violently, too. Did some alt images for this one!
Don't Freak Out by Viergacht
4 images, 16894 views, 33 favorites, 10 comments
Based on a true story.
Manely Horses (Commission) by Ciervo
16684 views, 109 favorites, 4 comments
Aayrick's doing a number on me: TF by comb! (That's a new one.)