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(SC!) My Gift, My Curse by TeknicolorTiger
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More from my 100 Sketch Challenge series. Again, these feature characters from the online MUCK, Flexible Survival. Taggart the werewolf, decides to share his lycanthropy with his mate, Rihko the kitsune. Things go about as well as can be expected. Naturally there's a lot more to it than that, but that's the gist of it. Characters belong to their players, art is mine. Though these are still colored sketches, the commissioner paid for extra color to be added.
cam by Mirandaleigh
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Wolf TF animation. Not so good >_<
allmine by Silverhyena
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Well...I've really been in a werewolf mood. So, I felt like doing one of those skinny teenage girls transforming into one...after a huge male werewolf bites her...and starts licking her. There's no nudity, but there is some suggestive content.
Halloween TF Pinup - Werewolf by Oter
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A series in my series of Halloween themed pinup (and some not pinup) TFs.
AmbroseTF by Arania
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Ambrose looks down in shock to see claws sprouting from his fingertips, confusion and disbelief written across his face, not noticing the slight pointing to his ears.
werewuff sm by Kuma
25688 views, 208 favorites, 13 comments
My half of a trade with Solid Asp. I think this might actually be my very first werewolf tf O_o
Were by Juanvaldez
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I kind of figured, if I have the stuff, why not post it. Werewolf chick.
A wolf in girl's clothing by AltairTF
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Emily knew perfectly it was a full moon tonight, of course, she knew what this meant too. She didn't intend to stay too long at the school party, but as soon as she got back in her dorm room she realized it had been a very close call. The change hit her as soon as she closed the door. Moaning and writhing with the sensations of her reshaping body, she collapsed in a corner and let it overcome her. It was too late to get rid of her clothes now with her already paw-like hands. The wolf was pulling...
Another One Of Them Nights by Rex_equinox
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Commission From Appollojay Thanks to Cayoosh for the help!
Commission: Leah Mooney to Werewolf by HamsterToybox
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5 stage transformation sequence. Here we see Leah Mooney out for an evening stroll to the 7 Eleven. We appear to have similar taste in clothes. I've got a hoodie like that. More coming soon! Sorry about putting a swearword under the general tag. There was no option for bad language.