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Charlie by Coyoteskin
17770 views, 161 favorites, 4 comments
Goolien TF(Kerberos) by Kaju
3 images, 30974 views, 161 favorites, 14 comments
Goolien (Goo+Alien)
Commission: Human -> Werewolf by Jakkal
2 images, 16459 views, 160 favorites, 7 comments
Two page Commission for @Abion of himself changing into a werewolf.
Little Red FINISHED sm by Arania
22184 views, 160 favorites, 24 comments
or 'My What Big Teeth I Have" :). I've been working on this piece on and off for the past few weeks alongside commissions - It's something I've wanted to do for a very long time, finally sketched back in March, and just recently made the time to actually color.
NightWere by Silver557
14702 views, 159 favorites, 11 comments
A pic back from february...It's the second most favorited pic in my DA site, so I'll try posting it here too ^^ By the way, thanks for the welcomes =)
Testsubjectsm by Arania
4 images, 53450 views, 158 favorites, 21 comments
Recently updated to include a fourth image - a final, maddened version of the character (Done in watercolors :3 ).
comicp by Urbanvixen
10 images, 87249 views, 158 favorites, 25 comments
Page 1 - 10. ON HAITUS. I will be finishing this - but been caught up in other projects including my Uni Dissertation and some Commissions. Sorry y'all
Half Way Point by PedestrianWolf
12235 views, 157 favorites, 8 comments
Wolfing up!
Tracer Werewolf (Inks) This is so Cool! by Loboleo
15118 views, 156 favorites, 4 comments
Well this is my little fan-art to this great game I myself play, I hope you like it. The Color version will come out later. British and werewolves are a tradition, so Tracer was an obvious choice In other news I'm usually streaming here https://picarto.tv/LoboLEO And soon to restart work at my patreon https://www.patreon.com/loboleo/
hibridluna by Loboleo
20264 views, 155 favorites, 12 comments
A cell-shading coloring for Luna, actually this was the first time trying to find colors for her. March 2002