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TransformMovie by CaliforniaKitFox
27378 views, 25 favorites, 7 comments
Discussing the latest transformation/horror movie.
MysteriousMings- by CaliforniaKitFox
4 images, 27324 views, 41 favorites, 7 comments
The Artist, Muse and Notion Meet the Mysterious Mings (Continues after "One Evening at a Fine Chineese Restaurant"). Note: This comic doesn't contain transformation content, but it's a direct continuation of one that does.
Ilkay by Coyoteskin
27318 views, 280 favorites, 24 comments
Just something for fun. I think my art is too stylised now.
werewolf by Kaju
3 images, 27129 views, 123 favorites, 5 comments
The handsome man does not paint with a color
Dolphin Toy Curse by Amethyst
26786 views, 61 favorites, 4 comments
A magical hose has attached itself to this poor wolf and is now transforming and inflating him into a dolphin pooltoy. This was a commissioned piece for @thistle.
TFlogo by SolidAsp
26269 views, 298 favorites, 43 comments
Here's a large verson of the as of yet un named Trasfur mascot.
Wolf'n by Juanvaldez
26211 views, 314 favorites, 17 comments
1st change into a werewolf.
AnimeWolfGirlChange by SolidAsp
26063 views, 88 favorites, 16 comments
This is a new Commission for Cearenbow.
cam by Mirandaleigh
25767 views, 75 favorites, 6 comments
Wolf TF animation. Not so good >_<
John by Coyoteskin
25699 views, 322 favorites, 26 comments
Well, sort of back to my old style. :x