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Seeing double by Danwolf
3 images, 30392 views, 52 favorites, 10 comments
A fun little comic short I've wanted to do a long time ago,but couldn't find time for it...I'ts finally DONE OwO Enjoy ! The silly woof getting in trouble once again...and you guys tought one from Dan is enough x3 UPDATE : The second page is up ^^ Enjoy ! One more page to go (yes,don't ask Epigon's horns are missing on the second page,I've decided not to keep them,he looks better without it)
Wolf Mode by PedestrianWolf
2 images, 30025 views, 176 favorites, 9 comments
A commission from FA. He's shifting into a wolf. Yeah! :D
Like Bummer by CaliforniaKitFox
29585 views, 89 favorites, 2 comments
Like... Bummer!
FirstChanges by CaliforniaKitFox
29162 views, 81 favorites, 6 comments
Two young twins expieriencing their first full moon morphing with mom there to help - inspired by a story from Kishma Danielle.
Dog Collar TF by Fox0808
3 images, 29039 views, 216 favorites, 13 comments
Sketch Commission done for Apsol :D
werewolfshocker by Mirandaleigh
28333 views, 179 favorites, 11 comments
Girl transforms into a werewolf and practically bursts out of her clothes. On Sale on Furbid. Inks on paper http://www.furbid.ws/cgi-bin/auction/item.pl?item=232330869
werewolf commish by Gryf
28010 views, 95 favorites, 1 comment
Werewolf commission.
husky paint! by Fox0808
28004 views, 169 favorites, 15 comments
Here's another relatively older piece. (I'm gonna post all my older stuff first, then bring out the newer pieces after.) Basically Lacy had some special Husky TF paint, which someone else got a hold of, and now there isn't enough left for Lacy to use!
ChineseRestaurant- by CaliforniaKitFox
6 images, 27935 views, 48 favorites, 7 comments
One Evening at a Fine Chineese Restaurant (See "Full Moon and Furbrained Schemes" for previous encounter)
dance by Ealadubh
27714 views, 36 favorites, 1 comment
Nine-AM after yet another all-nighter, and here's the product of the latest instant-sketch trade. You lucky people. :>