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Team Spirit Part 1 Inks by Mirandaleigh
32289 views, 88 favorites, 20 comments
Showcasing what the finished comic looks like =D. Part one and part two are done and on my site. Roar.
wolfshiftdoneweb by KabukiHomewood
32199 views, 324 favorites, 19 comments
A teenaged girl suddenly finds herself sprouting fur, a muzzle and a figure that just keeps going, er growing!!
brownwolftfwebsize by Fox0808
5 images, 32173 views, 189 favorites, 22 comments
Commission for Takeshou13 over on FurAffinity. He's tf'in into his brown wolf fursona, Cael. There really is no cause for this one, it just kinda happens :) Enjoy!
WOLF by Tincrash
31761 views, 54 favorites, 1 comment
Goolien TF(Kerberos) by Kaju
3 images, 31752 views, 163 favorites, 14 comments
Goolien (Goo+Alien)
FurbrainedSchemes- by CaliforniaKitFox
4 images, 31393 views, 50 favorites, 5 comments
Full Moon and Furbrained Schemes
ambrose by Sirenz
3 images, 31265 views, 80 favorites, 7 comments
This is Sabin Duvert's character Ambrose. It's for an RP pet shop on Gaia. Ambrose doesn't have a clue what will happen to him... haaa!
Fore turns into a Goat by Zho
30889 views, 48 favorites, 10 comments
This is my besterest friend Forepawz (a foxwolf) turning into a goat! I was in an oC with Ness and I was like 'What should I turn Fore into?' and he was like 'A goat!' and I'm like 'EXCELLENT *air guitar*' so yeah...This is for the TF challenge this month. People do keep pet goats indeed. They are awesome animals
moondaughtercover by WolfenMoondaughter
3 images, 30873 views, 56 favorites, 4 comments
1st Moondaughter form
Cub Scouts by Wrathofautumn
30857 views, 126 favorites, 20 comments
Hehe, pardon the pun. XP But seriously, I got an idea for this a while back. Three kids get their animal based badges in a place known as the "Forest of no return." When they get there, the pack mother reveals herself as a magical being called Akeela, and then begins to teach them why they say members of the 666th troop disappear. What will the parents have to say? Of course, my real favorite part is seeing the youngest of the troop becoming a bobcat with a strange fascination...almost a sign of...