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strange-candy- by Swatcher
3 images, 40172 views, 129 favorites, 11 comments
The hyena perfume by Danwolf
7 images, 39706 views, 146 favorites, 18 comments
A comic sequence I've been working for a year with huge pauses. (That's why the style looks improved on the last one) Dan searching for a potion and found an another dangerous one. UPDATE : FINALLY FINISHED !
Jtwolf by KelvinTheLion
3 images, 39247 views, 322 favorites, 30 comments
James and Tyler meet a lady werewolf
realwolfparis pg by Mirandaleigh
3 images, 39140 views, 124 favorites, 30 comments
Insert Description here. 3/?
wolvensm by PickleJuice
10 images, 38831 views, 173 favorites, 7 comments
Wolven transformation - always a classic...
Volfenstu Commission by Wrathofautumn
4 images, 38242 views, 76 favorites, 14 comments
Commission for Volfenstu. Four Page Sequence of a secret type of monkshood that has some interesting side effects.
WELL this is awkward... by ReddishMaroon
2 images, 37592 views, 333 favorites, 25 comments
I'm a fan of post-tf stuff, some extra story or character interaction after some unexpected or expected transformation. i think it's as exciting or interesting as the tf itself!! (CONTINUATION because yes.)
Trade- Werekat-Meow pg by Silver557
2 images, 37020 views, 109 favorites, 7 comments
Trade with Werekat-Meow on DA, that I got overcreative and did two pages going comic-ish. Been so long I uploaded anything here...>_>
smch p by Mirandaleigh
3 images, 36497 views, 78 favorites, 3 comments
Hunter's Moon Chapter 2 sneak peek: Zombies attack and Sergei transforms under a full moon. Charlie's problems go from bad to worse. Download Ch. 1 at my store: http://www.smokingpen.com/shop.html These are concept sketches.
Katja by Coyoteskin
36463 views, 475 favorites, 18 comments
Surprise tf! Hopefully comes off as playful...? Spent the afternoon trying to remember how to draw/colour things on the computer. After almost four months of inactivity, I maybe forgot how to do things. But this free time will allow me to actually get back to all the projects I'd like to fiiinally finish.