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welcome to phalanx by Wrathofautumn
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ft art for Arania is finished! A crossover of sorts, you could say. She was a former soldier protecting the Prometheus Colony on Mars when she was discharged because her political sponsor was blown up in a terrorist attack from a neighboring colony. Suddenly out of money, she hitchhiked a ride on a freighter bound to Europa, the shining jewel of the Eden System. Unfortunately, she was caught and put before a court after three days of confinement. After deciding she wasn't worth their time, they ...
Transformation within Temple by everruler
15809 views, 117 favorites, 12 comments
SuburbanSheWolfColor by CaliforniaKitFox
15715 views, 42 favorites, 4 comments
Suburban She Wolf. "Back off Lady! Those dresses at 50% off are MINE!"
COMMISSION ???!!! by ReddishMaroon
15706 views, 144 favorites, 7 comments
A commission for Aesural of a teef of their character Aurecia. DONNING A SPOOKY SAD MASK!!!
Skunkwolf by Rey
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Even a skunk who's pure of heart...
shift by Harliban
15645 views, 45 favorites, 12 comments
My first transformation animation, done in flash.
ambroseshock by Harliban
15622 views, 62 favorites, 7 comments
This image was done for a contest ran by Arania and is of her character, Ambrose, shifting violently in his bedroom.
Pokemon prize by Danwolf
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The CLAAAAAAAAW :3 Danwolf has a new toy ^w^
The Feral potion by Danwolf
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Comission for LabyrinthMaster Be careful with potions. (They're addicting and fun owo)
Realities Of Routine by KrazyIvan
15569 views, 175 favorites, 5 comments
Someone in a previous comment said they'd love that to be part of their routine, here's an example.