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Wolf Socks by Tgwonder
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Socks may contain rainbow colors. colors may varied.
Bigmistake by Silverhyena
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I think Dr. Knarks bit off more then he could chew this time. If he survives this, He'll probably be more careful about turning orcs into werewargs in the future. This werewarg doesn't seem to happy with the good doctor. Geez, Dr. Knarks should warn people BEFORE he injects them with his cocktails of torture. Anyways, enjoy Dr. Knarks getting his just deserts.
CMSN Wolf TG by Dragon-Storm
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Commission for Trodon, he wanted himself to a pudgy werewolf gal
charliewolf by Mirandaleigh
16421 views, 86 favorites, 5 comments
Charlie turning into her werewolf form. It's okay, just doodles.. it's a little too abrupt a change....
Curse by CaliforniaKitFox
16351 views, 32 favorites, 3 comments
Curse of the Werewolf, part 2
velodeluz by Loboleo
16273 views, 95 favorites, 12 comments
Cursed by the moon, her fate...the one who waits willingly under the veil of light. Sweat and emotion I tried to take care :)
Shiftingbytamen by Tamen
16080 views, 103 favorites, 6 comments
A werewolf lass changing paw first. Please, no stealing, altering, or redistributing.
Tracer Werewolf (Inks) This is so Cool! by Loboleo
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Well this is my little fan-art to this great game I myself play, I hope you like it. The Color version will come out later. British and werewolves are a tradition, so Tracer was an obvious choice In other news I'm usually streaming here https://picarto.tv/LoboLEO And soon to restart work at my patreon https://www.patreon.com/loboleo/
October theme by MaLAguA
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Entries belonging to the October event (found here: https://www.deviantart.com/malagua/journal/October-Event-857620728) List - Werewolf (by werwolfy) - Chupacabra (by Kenku (patron)) - Cerberus (by darkbossman and CZs_Imaginarium) - Hydra (by Pheagle-Addler) - Minotaur (by darkbossman) If you like my art and/or writing, feel free to support me at www.patreon.com/MaLAguA. Or for a less committing form of support (tipping) at ko-fi.com/J3J0GQCL Don't forget to leave a comment.
Dont look at me by Wrathofautumn
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This illustration was made as practice to express strong emotion through body language. It's a full moon this night, and a secret is revealed. Upon completing the transformation, the boyfriend is ridden with shame. Pushing her away, he proceeds to walk on alone, somewhere far away as possible. The girlfriend, on the other hand, stays where she is, fighting the urge to run. Her knees buckling, stained with excrement, shivering with watery eyes and a bitten lip, she struggles with the abrupt attem...