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Werewuff Attack! by Dog_Girl_Kari
17523 views, 121 favorites, 6 comments
Flight or Fight? by Amber-Aria
4 images, 17522 views, 114 favorites, 6 comments
This is a sketch sequence for Grimm-the-Wolf on FA, for my 100 Sketch Challenge. It seems that poor Bonames and his antics have gotten himself far over his head this time! Barely evading arrows from pursuing archers, Bo flees for his life down a forested path. It soon becomes apparent that he has no choice. Running won't help, and he turns to another option. Another presence rises up to tackle the situation, a much more grim, battle-hardened personality...
Commission: Human -> Werewolf by Jakkal
2 images, 17491 views, 162 favorites, 7 comments
Two page Commission for @Abion of himself changing into a werewolf.
I SEE A BAD MOON RISING by ReddishMaroon
2 images, 17473 views, 115 favorites, 12 comments
How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love The Lycanthrope by Artist-Guy
17341 views, 149 favorites, 19 comments
Mein Fuhrer, I can walk! I think this piece kind of speaks for itself, eh? Alt. title was Priorities, but damnit who can't have more Sellers?
Werewolf sequence by ToxicPhox
4 images, 17269 views, 100 favorites, 11 comments
I got a request from someone (you know who you are) to be TFed werewolf-style, but I wasnt sure exactly what kind of werewolf they were looking to be; Athro wolf, Nonmorphic wolf, or crazy feral best wolfman. I went for #3. Decided to take a test of the sequence mechanics on the site. I think I might stick to one-shot images >v>
Rebecca by Dog_Girl_Kari
17249 views, 113 favorites, 10 comments
A new character, Rebecca, ambitious 16 year old Sophomore in high school, running for election to student counsel president. That bite she thought nothing of only a few weeks ago turned out to have some very strange consequences.
cavewolf by PickleJuice
17168 views, 47 favorites, 9 comments
It's his first full moon after being bitten. He wanted to take all the precautions. Forgotten cave. Steel chains. He didn't know. Who would? The strength, the power. It was a crime to be locked away when you feel so free.
Volfenstu Wolf tf by Heezy
17132 views, 134 favorites, 6 comments
Request for Volfenstu (FA). Himself turning into a feral version of his character. I guess it's kinda like a sequel to the FoxLightning tf I did previously, but he's not feral in this one.
Voodoo Halo by Juanvaldez
17028 views, 147 favorites, 10 comments
Return of the VooDoo lady.