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Werewolf in Alley by Loboleo
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An illustration sequence, a prequel of a another story I may make some day. I hope you like it. The text below is narrated by a POV that we may know someday if I decide to continue it :)
tearshirt- by Faunus
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Evidently, this is a surprise for her.
aw-bluemoon by AlphaWolf
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Strange things happen during a blue moon. My first serious attempt at colouring a sketch in PS6 and Illustrator 9.
Sotycollab smaller by Arania
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Fun with Collaborations! Soty and I had fun with Open Canvas's art jam tonight and did 2 pieces - this one had each figure done entirely by one artist - I did the wolf, Soty did Samantha, the woman in control ^_ She didn't take kindly to insults.
wolfThing by XXy
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quick werewolf
Werewolf On Wheels by Viergacht
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A little comic for Werewolf Wednesday. Pretty skritchy but not bad for only taking an hour or two. Usually pop culture werewolves have insta-total healing powers. I thought it might be interesting how a werewolf would get along without such. (I know dogs can get along with a missing back leg)
Halloween grayscale by TfProxy
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Happy Halloween! (Black and white because I couldn't finish the color in time). Maybe one of you lucky trick-or-treat'ers will come across _this_ house tonight ;)
Halloween Werewolf by everruler
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I am pleased to present to you three still images from an animation celebrating the recent full Moon, and Halloween. Watch the animation here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tjNK8-8IMw
Werewuff Attack! by Dog_Girl_Kari
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Hex by BengalBoy
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Before the squad go out to do vigilante work, Hex seems to try and be abit "dramatic" only for it to fall apart, now he has to stay behind and stay out of trouble with Scruff. *Edit* I accidentally coloured the 2nd pages ears the wrong colour. Fixed now