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BonesDonesm by Arania
20220 views, 58 favorites, 9 comments
I don't do much artwork purely on the computer (I usually do lineart with pencil, then scan it in) but I've been trying to make myself practice from time to time drawing with the tablet. Here is a gift/trade for Bones - done in open canvas :D
Uncontainment by Rex_equinox
6 images, 20207 views, 100 favorites, 6 comments
Commisioned Work that involved myself choosing two of a list of characters supplied and an outcome for the TF. Commisioned by Wrathofautum on Furaffinity.
SheWolf-in-Disguise by CaliforniaKitFox
19670 views, 31 favorites, 0 comments
'She-Wolf in Disguise' character sheet, clothed
BETA-COLLIE - An Alpha Luna Story by Loboleo
19648 views, 178 favorites, 9 comments
Well this is the cover for a comic that I started as a goal for Patreons only that is now finally available for purchase. It's basically an alternative story line within my Alpha Luna comic where "Collie" goes trough a werewolf transformation of her own. Yup, it's fan-service for all intents and purposes, that said there is no sexual content here. Just some nudes proper of the context that can be considered sexy in its own right. I just hope you like this cover. But if you're interested in...
comic by Urbanvixen
19549 views, 42 favorites, 10 comments
Page 1 of... many! My first TF ever. Will contain 3 TFs. Sorry if the quality varies - this was a 6 month project that I'm so happy to finally get up. Thanks for waiting !
Novelty TF products by Kitsunefan
3 images, 19492 views, 108 favorites, 26 comments
https://www.furaffinity.net/view/16237139/ I am selling some novelty TF products here! Comment if youre interested, if you dont have an FA account you can message me here for one.
Bitten! by BengalBoy
6 images, 19459 views, 134 favorites, 9 comments
Biggest thing I have worked on....done in 5 days, wow. A poor guy gets randomly attacked in the night by a strange being, unfortunately, his troubles have not finished yet for tonight
werewolf TF by Kaju
4 images, 19455 views, 80 favorites, 7 comments
Request & YCHA art
What a Howling Good Time by Wrathofautumn
19407 views, 117 favorites, 8 comments
A while ago, when I had finished the original series, people were demanding more of this series. I wasn't sure how to continue it, so I decided to make a fan-desired base of transformations. This is the top most popular choice and well thought out. McWerewolfy, his brother and KitsuKyo watch a unaired episode of their childhood dreams only to find that the artifact itself affects them from across the screen
Werewolf Transformation for W0lfB0y by Jakkal
3 images, 19340 views, 122 favorites, 6 comments
Werewolf Transformation commission for W0lfB0y of FA.