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sergeiwolf by Mirandaleigh
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That's faux fur..... totally. Oh Charlie, get the hell out of there, he'll eat you alive!
Some Wolfgirl by Loboleo
22096 views, 215 favorites, 9 comments
Sketching something for fun I found this wolf girl in the wild :D
Timid by Coyoteskin
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Commission piece~
sephwolfbytamen by Tamen
21969 views, 153 favorites, 14 comments
My werewolf babe, Sepheryn, beginning to transform, what with the growing muscles, puppy ears, and growing fur. Please do not alter, redistribute, copy, or whatnot. Ink is available for sale, if anyone wants it. 8 1/2 x 11. Figure is about 8.5 inches.
The Realm of Kaerwyn - Issue 8 Page 8 by Jakkal
21946 views, 136 favorites, 4 comments
A page from one of my webcomics where the antagonist (possessing the raccoon) has infected Endymion (The guy) with lycanthropy, and showing him how she can control it. I figure some here wouldn't mind seeing it. The whole comic can be read at http://kaerwyn.blacktapestries.com/ and I upload it 4x a week to my DA page (in my profile)
Moonlight Paw TF by Spacecat
21836 views, 152 favorites, 9 comments
a commission for my pal STSH Himself, transforming into a werewolf, but he wanted the focus on this to be the hands turning into big freaky paws. I like drawing paws cause im weird and i like bone structures. He's not actually in pain, he took a potion and he is making a werewolf movie. It sure beats CGI!
Energy drink goo TF by Kaju
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shifter by Jakkal
21652 views, 66 favorites, 4 comments
I dunno what he's turning into, but he sure doesn't want anything to happen to that SHIRT!
Pamphlet 2009 by PickleJuice
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A pamphlet I made in 2009. I'm very proud of the end result - which is impossible to portray in electronic format. All 8 frames of this sequence is printed off on a single side of an 8.5X11 paper and folded and cut into a little booklet. So, here are the frames for you to enjoy. Don't mind the text - it's just pricing info.
Mscgts by CaliforniaKitFox
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Rule #5 - Always take species compatibility into consideration