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Werewolf TF by Narubi
3 images, 18916 views, 140 favorites, 9 comments
Commission done for a user on FA- it's been a while since I've had a werewolf TF! :P
COMMISSION ???!!! by ReddishMaroon
15073 views, 139 favorites, 7 comments
A commission for Aesural of a teef of their character Aurecia. DONNING A SPOOKY SAD MASK!!!
Need a Changing Room by Little Napoleon
12310 views, 138 favorites, 16 comments
Ham forgot to check the lunar calendar before she went shopping at the mall with her friends. She'd better find a changing room, fast! Ham (c) General Irrelevant Art by Me!
The Realm of Kaerwyn - Issue 8 Page 8 by Jakkal
21385 views, 135 favorites, 4 comments
A page from one of my webcomics where the antagonist (possessing the raccoon) has infected Endymion (The guy) with lycanthropy, and showing him how she can control it. I figure some here wouldn't mind seeing it. The whole comic can be read at http://kaerwyn.blacktapestries.com/ and I upload it 4x a week to my DA page (in my profile)
Aryte Commission by Viergacht
7990 views, 133 favorites, 5 comments
. . . of his werewolf character. This is an older drawing, that I worked on while I was suffering pretty badly from a pinched nerve that makes my shoulders ache (it comes and goes) but I think it turned out pretty good despite that.
Bitten! by BengalBoy
6 images, 19197 views, 133 favorites, 9 comments
Biggest thing I have worked on....done in 5 days, wow. A poor guy gets randomly attacked in the night by a strange being, unfortunately, his troubles have not finished yet for tonight
Volfenstu Wolf tf by Heezy
16661 views, 132 favorites, 6 comments
Request for Volfenstu (FA). Himself turning into a feral version of his character. I guess it's kinda like a sequel to the FoxLightning tf I did previously, but he's not feral in this one.
cerberus by Tamen
25732 views, 131 favorites, 18 comments
Can't believe I didn't upload this before... end of a tf to a cerberus babe.
Werewolfcardsample by Silverhyena
13684 views, 130 favorites, 13 comments
Another sample of my werewolf cards that will be available for sale at the Holy Family Church Holiday Bazaar in Auburn Wa in November.
strange-candy- by Swatcher
3 images, 39815 views, 129 favorites, 11 comments