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Voodoo Halo by Juanvaldez
16375 views, 146 favorites, 10 comments
Return of the VooDoo lady.
Werewolf On Wheels by Viergacht
16783 views, 145 favorites, 28 comments
A little comic for Werewolf Wednesday. Pretty skritchy but not bad for only taking an hour or two. Usually pop culture werewolves have insta-total healing powers. I thought it might be interesting how a werewolf would get along without such. (I know dogs can get along with a missing back leg)
Noticing by KrazyIvan
11473 views, 145 favorites, 11 comments
Really into the point that the character becomes aware of changes, i don't usually like to impose context on drawings because i think mystery makes it better, but with this the character is somewhere public and has just had her change pointed out to her by a friend.
Must Be a Full Moon by Nyomi
9641 views, 145 favorites, 4 comments
Someone is new to lycanthropy...
The hyena perfume by Danwolf
7 images, 38999 views, 144 favorites, 18 comments
A comic sequence I've been working for a year with huge pauses. (That's why the style looks improved on the last one) Dan searching for a potion and found an another dangerous one. UPDATE : FINALLY FINISHED !
Somethings Wrong by Silver557
18939 views, 143 favorites, 11 comments
Merf...i've always been a fan of *a few* aspects of TGs. And this is one, though it's hard to notice...there's a first time for anything, aye? :P. Anyway, just the old werewolf story of fullmoon and stuff, though he notices something's off.....Gawd, my anatomy is fail. :\
charlieforma by Mirandaleigh
5 images, 74402 views, 142 favorites, 16 comments
Neon Shift by Urbanvixen
3 images, 22568 views, 142 favorites, 9 comments
Commission for Petyee.
wolfhalloweenpage by Zho
3 images, 35238 views, 142 favorites, 5 comments
I get a collar from a mysterious benefactor! Halloween ensues
wolfThing by XXy
17162 views, 141 favorites, 13 comments
quick werewolf