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[LS]-Werewolf Alex by Fringedog
4838 views, 32 favorites, 0 comments
Commission for Onom Done during the "Dungeons&Werewolves" theme week.
Wolf by Fringedog
4418 views, 32 favorites, 1 comment
Just some pic of a random female werewolf. Not sure if I'm really that happy with my work on it though.
Wolfing out by Danwolf
5463 views, 32 favorites, 3 comments
Comission for Freeclaw
"Always punch nazis" by Fringedog
8196 views, 32 favorites, 20 comments
Done as a birthday gift for one of the wonderful person in my life.
Awoo! [CM] by Hukeng
2738 views, 32 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for Dexchampion, featuring a very good woof!
Alien Wolf! by THE COAST IS NEAR
4720 views, 32 favorites, 0 comments
Trade with CasualSpaceTrash(FA) Penny Plasma, a grey alien, is feeling some strange effects under Earth's full moon.
How It Feels by Hukeng
5887 views, 31 favorites, 2 comments
Common misconceptions about lycanthropy.
[Commission]-Kyrik's Wereravensona by Fringedog
6912 views, 31 favorites, 1 comment
Commisson for Kyrik!
Moonlight Invitation by Sergio P. Wolf
5392 views, 30 favorites, 8 comments
The werewolf gestured with his half-paw to follow him into the woods. "Hey, buddy, let's go take a walk," He growled, showing his newly developed fangs. "I got a lot more wolf than this to show you." At least, that's how I'd like to enjoy a walk in the night woods. Thanks imaginary werewolf buddy! You really came through with just what I wanted! Lycanthropy is the perfect gift.
Werefriend [CM] by Hukeng
4851 views, 30 favorites, 0 comments
Commission for alexberry - big werewolf gal!