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London Lycanthrope by Hukeng
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"...The 'fine specimen' in question turned out to be a young difference engine programmer from Whitechapel with nothing in his appearance or demeanor betraying his alleged beastly nature - that is, unless you count an almost inhuman shyness that made it exceptionally hard to gain his trust."
Morning Routine by Hukeng
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Office Wolf by Hukeng
4920 views, 36 favorites, 3 comments
No awoo during business hours!
[💲] Single and ready to mangle! by Honey-Bear
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A fun commission for nekomancerorion on FA of their werebear character Hazel for a werebeast style dating profile.
[💲] A Call to Action by Honey-Bear
3515 views, 36 favorites, 2 comments
Floof to... even bigger floof! Character belongs to Group17 on FA.
[YCH] Resisting the Change by Recurrent
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Completed YCH for MacDaRacc plus an additional color variation
[Commission]-Into the cave by Fringedog
7429 views, 35 favorites, 2 comments
85USD werewolf Digital Painting commission for Onom.
[Patreon]-Wolfy Lady by Fringedog
6382 views, 35 favorites, 2 comments
Toned Paper Ink patreon commission for one of my two anonymous patrons. With this one I was given full freedom with the subject.
Commission - Nox 1 by Battlehog
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Commission for Nox!
Foxy Free by PickleJuice
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Visit my store! http://picklejuice.pgfalcon.com He hears rustling in the bushes. It's late, he's out in the desert alone, and his biggest weapon is a frisbee he found.. "hmm?" Howard said while holding the frisbee. "Your friends aren't in that direction." comes a voice from the bushes. He doesn't know for sure, but it might be right.. "What?" Howard said looking around. He thinks he sees a glint of a pair of eyes in the harsh prickly scrub brush. The eyes blink, and he knows something...