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I did for fun. It's a chained up dude turning in to a werewolf.
Halloween love by Woofer93
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still saying not to expect much, but since it's close to halloween, and I was on the chat again, I decided to make another wolf piece, this time a she-werewolf and her vampire girlfriend.
[c] Moonlit Madness - ANIMATED by Recurrent
5045 views, 39 favorites, 2 comments
A collab custom animation commission for StevieMaxwell. Collab with NekoGato I did the line art and the background NekoGato did the color
Red Hood by Hukeng
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Shy werewaffle who likes to hang out at an old, abandoned mall and will totally let you pet him in exchange for snacks.
Black Dresses by Honey-Bear
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Wanted to doodle a little something along my personal style in proportions junk. She's a werebear, as usual!
Weredogs by Hukeng
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They come in all shapes and sizes, but are usually smaller and somewhat more domesticated than their wild, lupine relatives. However, having to oversee an entire pack of these bouncy little furballs during nights of a full moon can still be quite exhausting...
[Warmup]-Werewolf Thursday by Fringedog
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This is what happen when I miss Werewolf Wednesday.
[Gift]-Werecorvid by Fringedog
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Some gift I did for Onom while practicing shaded colors
Commission - LackeDragon by Battlehog
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One of two graphite sketch commissions for LackeDragon on twitter, who wanted a cursed werewolf transformation :D
Shifter by Hukeng
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Werewoof girl at various stages of soft.