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tftiger by Killpanda
44286 views, 463 favorites, 16 comments
Tiger tf by Kuma
67411 views, 446 favorites, 33 comments
Poor guy's gone all fuzzy. Compliments of circe >:)
walk in the woods by Wrathofautumn
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Pages Done: 18/??? So here I am, taking a hike in the woods...until I go find a creek off the trail...and should've noticed the "Keep Out sign", but it's been aged and weathered to the point of being indecipherable. For the Zodiac Tf Challenge. What am I? Well, you'll have to read the sequence and see. ;3 Anyhoo, critique and comments are welcome!
welcome to the circus by Kuma
41623 views, 386 favorites, 27 comments
A gift for a good friend. Started off as a quick sketch that came out really well, felt it had to have all the trimmings applied to it.
TGTigress by Halfwing
30741 views, 373 favorites, 21 comments
It's a... TG tigress pic? o.o''
personalhygiene by Angrboda
27873 views, 315 favorites, 23 comments
Digtal redo of an old sketch. You know you picked the wrong door when the lady becomes the tiger!
TigerTF by Dusker78
3 images, 57130 views, 314 favorites, 19 comments
A three piece commission for Ember. A young man changes into a tiger under the watchful eye of a curious tigress.
StephLK by Pilot
65608 views, 300 favorites, 7 comments
tigergirlcr by GeckzGo
31391 views, 238 favorites, 7 comments
i did a really quick and cheap method of coloring her, so it looks a bit funny but i think it came out decently
Sabel by Hazard
35687 views, 233 favorites, 9 comments
And this months is a quick one I belted out for all the Furries out there!