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Livestream Commission: Magical Oopsie by Jakkal
2 images, 16513 views, 118 favorites, 4 comments
Commission for Onom of FA of his sorceress character accidentally changing herself into an anthro cat of some kind, I believe it's a leopard. No ripped clothing this time around, thankfully the magic changes her clothes with her. Edit: Onom got the post-shift image in tonight's livestream! Up it goes!
Horse by Tgwonder
16024 views, 116 favorites, 2 comments
Horse :V
Swimming Surprise by Breezes
11287 views, 116 favorites, 2 comments
Maybe you should've read the fine print on that sunscreen, miss.
Fox TF (ANIM) - Making Cereal by Drigil
9475 views, 116 favorites, 14 comments
Animated a little fox transformation that occurs during a young boy's breakfast routine with 566 frames of colored animated glorious. Hope you enjoy! EDIT: Some of you didn't like how he still had a human arm at the end of it. This has been remedied.
Sequence Thing by WhenWolvesCryOut
2 images, 8052 views, 115 favorites, 2 comments
I haven't done a sequence from different angles and stuff in several years, so this is just a small practice thing of that. -Quick Edit- It was pointed out to me that I'd forgotten the collar in some of the parts, so I added them now.
Dragon Surprise by Virmir
11036 views, 115 favorites, 12 comments
Surprise! You're a dragon! Doodle for Nolhyaa. ;)
LSC: Human -> Raptor by Jakkal
11197 views, 114 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for onom of a human changing into a Raptor of his design.
Patreon-Not gonna make that pun by Fringedog
10584 views, 113 favorites, 3 comments
You know, the donkey pun. Another patreon sketch from May's batch :) Being the 31st, all of those who're left will be posted before the end of the day
Cobra Cola by SepiSnake
5 images, 14579 views, 112 favorites, 6 comments
Sequence commission for Tofubread on FA of him trying out a new drink.
Livestream Commission: Gryphon TF by Jakkal
8467 views, 111 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for Gibbs/Onom of a human changing into an anthro gryphon of his design.