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Eating uncooked seafood can have serious side-effects. by Ciervo
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Hey, sir, please don't wobble on your stool. You could lose your balance. Sir, watch ou...! Clean up to the sushi bar, please. Soy sauce all over the floor... --- Entry for the new artist challenge and belated Shark Week commemoration! Random beachgoer at a shoreside sushi bar gets a surprise.
Day at the beach by Tincrash
9744 views, 80 favorites, 5 comments
Simple Orca TF
Pyke Goes Equine! by Ciervo
8265 views, 79 favorites, 3 comments
This is a commission Shadowfox014 got for his friend Pyke. I hear the subject of the image loves it, which makes me feel great :) It was also fun to draw a pleasant, happy TF; I draw too few of them.
Wolf Phoenix Griffon Flapper by Comic
14148 views, 79 favorites, 1 comment
The great mishmash of ideas all pulled together in this quick one page transformation. This is meant to be messy so fuck it I'm tired of putting things in my scraps. *I forgot "tribal theme" was another suggestion that was thrown into the mix.
An Asinine Gift by EduartBoudewijn
10540 views, 78 favorites, 3 comments
This was a drawing I drew for a friend on deviantart as part of an art trade. The image features a girl being turned into a donkey as a result of opening an enchanted gift.
Initiation [CM] by Hukeng
3 images, 12123 views, 78 favorites, 9 comments
Commission for Kaoru. Dragon warrior transformation!
I've been spotted! by Ciervo
10175 views, 78 favorites, 6 comments
Did an OC with @splice tonight; the premise was that I woke up... as an anthro cheetah (TFed via magic mask being stuck on my face during sleep). How would I react? Well... here ya go!
Permanent Internship by Splice
13082 views, 77 favorites, 3 comments
Original artwork by mnbvcxz here: "This guy got a job at an Australian tourist information building and was studying up on the local wildlife. He was instructed not to do so during store hours and he did it anyways because of which a punishment was bestowed."
Instant Noodle by ArcticFFFox
11086 views, 77 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for clothoverlord. Eastern dragon TF. One of Arctic's hobbies is granting TF wishes at inopportune moments. :)
Bullistic by Demyxia
11637 views, 77 favorites, 1 comment
I'm really falling from my throne with my titles :/ Oh well Commission for 20eagle13 of them TFing into their bull sona in a saloon thanks to a cursed nosering!