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Bacon by Tgwonder
12520 views, 98 favorites, 3 comments
"Bacon!" What happens, if you misplace some tgtf devices. :v a doodle with Varnamo (left) and stripedwolf (right)
Goo-d Times (Complete) by Sl1psh0d
3 images, 36347 views, 97 favorites, 5 comments
Suddenly, a comic! Pretty interesting 3 page goo comic for TDK and RyanR. Two frat-boys seem to have found themselves in a mysterious situation! Lets see what other shenanigans these two bros will find themselves in~! Page Three: Completed 3/3
Livestream Commission: Human to Snow Leopard by Jakkal
9980 views, 97 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for Tivadu of a human changing into a snow leopard of his design.
[Comm] Paint that Last Toenail and... by K-Libra
16830 views, 97 favorites, 6 comments
Commission for Expo on DA and FA Unmarked nail paint at a store doesn't seem like a very big deal. Maybe some dope just peeled the label off. Man, that'd be much simpler if it was. She gets to be pretty anyway, though. That kind of pretty mare type of pretty.
Livestream Commission: Human to Fox by Jakkal
8967 views, 96 favorites, 3 comments
Another commission for Darius Whitefur of a soccer player turning into a fox as he runs through a swamp. No, I have no idea either.
Dog TGTF for Tenko Guren by Ichihara-chan
16348 views, 95 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for Tenko Guren.
Sudden Tufts by WhenWolvesCryOut
6037 views, 95 favorites, 0 comments
A simple Post-TF, using the Fluff-Dragon design again. Experimenting with the lineart, and the background rectangles I often use.
Airborne Bio-hazard Bunnies by Tgwonder
15973 views, 94 favorites, 0 comments
Looks like Bunny week is off at a good start. :B <3 ~tgwonder Random doodle, is random. x3 From left to right, varnamo auradragon12 @robertge Dr. Wonder, @tgwonder being Wonder bunny :B lilliput floating around and stripedwolf being attacked by @deiser
I Just Bought This by Okamaru
2 images, 26699 views, 94 favorites, 5 comments
"I just bought this bikini, and now it's ruined!" that's what happens when you sun bath without sun-screen. after the burn you skins gets all flaky and scaly and then you'll shed ;P edit: added a before picture with her all burnt up~
Oh gosh! by Demyxia
9822 views, 94 favorites, 7 comments
Reward for one of my patreon supporters~ Corbynprower