Raven and Crow

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ravensm by Arania
10 images, 40615 views, 164 favorites, 8 comments
A young woman hiking through the woods and looking for photo opportunities snaps a photo of a very strange and disturbing assemblage of ravens. Within moments, a transformation wracks her body changing her into a malign anthro raven.
halloweenpreview by Kuma
35645 views, 202 favorites, 23 comments
So yeah..Been a rainy halloween for me this year, but was in a pretty artsy mood. Been working on this steadily all day, though It seems it wasn't gonna be done in time before the day is officially over (and yes, total Soul Eater rip off, I know), so thought I'd post a little preview for now. Not sure if this counts towards the artist challenge thingy...Happy halloween!
[Offline]-Corvid Experiment by Fringedog
4 images, 26967 views, 88 favorites, 1 comment
Comic commission for a commissioner who decided to remain anonymous.
Halloween Costume tf by Heezy
26353 views, 143 favorites, 5 comments
It's a watchdog, scarecrow, and cowboy(bullboy?) Wanted to draw something Halloweeny before it was too late. :)
shali by Gryf
25786 views, 86 favorites, 2 comments
A friend's bird character.
BirdTF by XXy
25737 views, 232 favorites, 19 comments
Crow TF theme- larger version. Thanks very much to @thistle for helping with the BG. The anklet is causing the damage. Damn dirty anklets!
home by Ealadubh
12 images, 24127 views, 68 favorites, 3 comments
Here's something that doesn't come up very often; a raven sequence. Twelve frames in all. See what you think of this one.
TF Battle by Kitsunefan
21892 views, 56 favorites, 9 comments
Commission for Kenku on FA , him and a friend get in a TF battle with some innocent bystanders in the way.
crowtf by Kuma
21633 views, 133 favorites, 13 comments
Always sorta kinda wanted to do some sort of bird TF....Boy do hate drawing feathers.
Nadja by Coyoteskin
21482 views, 151 favorites, 9 comments
Thank you for the comments and favs on this picture's earlier version; I'm sorry to remove them :(