Raven and Crow

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Crowd by Foxx
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this one was fun. the idea itself was a bit of a send-up of my 'Brazil' picture, I never was happy with the wings in that one... this is a step up from my crow sequence as well, IMO. I'm also rather proud of the way I coloured the feathers...
Crowbar by Tgwonder
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[Commissions]-Damon refs by Fringedog
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refs for Onom of one of their werecorvid character going by the name of Damon.
Aviators by Weazel75
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Practicing my birds (and my bat.) TransFur apparently lacks tags for Ospreys and Polecats. =/
affection by Ealadubh
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Yes, real ravens do offer each other sticks like this. Sketch idea by kwert.
newtflies by Bilious
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Animated in flash as a quick experiment- usually when I draw my character Newt turning into things, it's just for my own amusement X3 this here is the only real shapeshifting he can do in the book series :3 he has the potential for more, but he sucks XD anyhoo, Newton flying away as a raven :3
[Commission]When gryphons meets wereravens by Fringedog
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Commission for Onom! I guess this is what happen when a Snow Owl/Snow Leopard anthrogryphon has an encounter with wereravens?
[Commission]-Corvid Hulk by Fringedog
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Commission for Kiry
Blackbird by Swatcher
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What? How did that happen??
Karasutengu mask TF by Kaju
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color: https://www.pixiv.net/fanbox/creator/804018