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raccoon by Liger
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Raccoon Theif
Sandwitchcraft by LaraTheLabRat
17353 views, 18 favorites, 4 comments
Guess who's coming to dinner? Oh ho ho. Yeeah, more comission work for a certain inanimate loving Tanuki.
nm-raccoonshirt by Tincrash
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nm-coontf by Tincrash
5675 views, 17 favorites, 0 comments
Bippity Boppity by Robertge
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"Hey look, I'm getting the hang of this!" "mmmhff?!" Nothing like being a literal fat princess! Fat Bovine Princess is rekzar on FA.
Bellybump Problems by Pikminpedia
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"I've heard that bellybumps were fun, Sarge.. and I've heard you liked them." The racoonephant frowned, looking away. "I thought you'd like one! I didn't know this would happen, honest!" The Rhinowolf glowered back at the racoonephant. "Yeah. You know, I didn't know this'd happen EITHER. I appreciate the sentiment, but don't force your belly into my belly without my permission!" He gestured to himself. "See what happens when you try and bellybump without warning? Now I'm turning into a rhino,...
GoingFeral by LaraTheLabRat
8247 views, 16 favorites, 4 comments
The TF is implied, but I hope it's still kosher.
nm-raccoontfdraft by Tincrash
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A really nice raccoon TF rough, I inked and have to finish the series that goes along with it =) (c) Me
NickWolfTFsIntoNessViaGlo by LaraTheLabRat
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More old paint TF, yet another pal.