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Released by Adanre
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Bear transformation! This has been the longest art project I have worked on in my life. I started working on this transformation back in September 2014, and have since then been working several times a week for almost four years now. But it's finally done! It's not very often I get to upload to Transfur so I hope you like it! P.S: I've also uploaded some work-in-progress pics and zoom-ins on FurAffinity. You'll unfortunately need an account to view it.
Canines by Sevenpaperplates
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That means two things.
[💲] Red by Honey-Bear
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Guys gotta have some fun too. Character now belongs to Kooncds !
Not on Camera, Please by K-Libra
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A little something for Caturnalia It was just some night where she was talking about her character on a video call. She got really in-depth and it was really fascinating, but it got out of control when her breath went ragged and her hands tensed. Her fingers began to lock and her grimace became so oddly distorted. I couldn't believe that I was watching someone on camera while they actually...
Alexis Handstand by Maska
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The resident oddball being odd.
Yeen Scene Tryouts by KrazyIvan
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New tryouts for a pretty sweet gig
But First... by ArcticFFFox
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Ah, it's Arctic time again, right when I was taking a walk on the beach, too -- might as well take a selfie before my hands turn to paws and I can't hold my phone anymore. Guess I'll try a grin...? *attempts grin*
[Comm] East Beasting by K-Libra
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Sketch commission for SlinkyDragon on FA of a man growing out his eastern dragon muzzle... and other stuff too. He only stands completely upright for now despite his fright because of his incredibly tense and growing musculature. He'll be thrashing in no time in light of the changes, I'm sure.
Dragon Out by ArcticFFFox
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Rat TF doodle by KrazyIvan
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Those skinnerbox tactics in gaming are getting advanced.