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tfbaboon by Mirandaleigh
2 images, 34381 views, 65 favorites, 9 comments
Transformation of another of my TF rangers... Baboons are cool and scarey.
Don't drink on the job by tfancred
4 images, 30157 views, 135 favorites, 9 comments
Sometimes, you just have to listen to your boss...
Mesmerized by Kuma
26601 views, 209 favorites, 23 comments
boy into monkey. Done as sort of an allusion to both We're Back and Jumanji.
OSC: Monkeying Around by Jakkal
5 images, 21702 views, 157 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for The-Transforming-Pen on DA, of a poor woman getting darted in a lab, and turning into a monkey. I believe this was my first monkey commission. It was certainly different.
Sloth TF big by PickleJuice
20360 views, 39 favorites, 7 comments
Poor guy. He got hit with cosmic radiation and now he's transforming into a sloth. Designed for use as an avatar icon on FA. This is the larger version.
My First Tail by Fenchurch
19160 views, 83 favorites, 7 comments
One of my old months old sketches I resurrected in Photoshop and tried doing something interesting with! Originally, was gonna wack in a mall background, but changed it completely to make it have a surreal scrapbook feel! Hope you like her! =3
A colourful new face by Zho
17805 views, 41 favorites, 6 comments
Done as part of the new artist challenge on Transfur, starring a good friend of mine! - The challenge: Plastic surgery gone wrong: Unable to afford an expensive cosmetic surgeon at home, a person heads to a cheaper, yet highly rated, overseas clinic. Waking up from the general anesthetic, the person is horrified to discover that...
ltfbkeiffer by PickleJuice
17144 views, 14 favorites, 0 comments
Bill Keiffer Transforms! List Transformed universe.
Shrine of The Green Monke by Wrathofautumn
16146 views, 48 favorites, 5 comments
This is what happens when you manage to beat the time record of the temple run by a landslide. Never displease Olmec! O:
Apesmall by Carillon
14797 views, 33 favorites, 1 comment
inspired by Cpt. Simian ;)