Mad Scientist

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ericfox by PickleJuice
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It's that old story: Scientist makes experimental Serum, Funding Runs out, Scientist tests Serum
Kainetransformation by Silverhyena
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Alright, this is my character Kaine. He's an orc/warg taur, I just like to call him a wargtaur. He's yet another one of Dr.Knarks's freakish exparements. He wanted an orc mutant that was strong, fast, and in Kaine's case, smart. So, he tested out his new syrum on him. Poor Kaine. This is also my first Sequence drawing. If you could give me some comments and pointers I'd really appreciate it.
The Time Toaster Expository by Wrathofautumn
9 images, 34361 views, 78 favorites, 21 comments
A rather creative TF I thought of while on Christmas Vacation. We simply need more TFs about SCIENCE! Featuring Timidtabby as the main victim! >:3 9/9 Complete and I think you all will love the ending.
nm-labaccident copy by Tincrash
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Mike Davis is having a bad day at work
Xguest by Kaju
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utcLI by Cobalt_K
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The colored stage. Colors were added by a friend with my direction, as I didn't have the time to do the whole thing on my own. The finished page with text is viewable at
muzzle by Luciusappaloosius
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Another equine TF: so sue me.
Knarksandhyenacolor by Silverhyena
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I FINALY got this done...Urg, it took for freaken ever. This was also a test for my new Prismacolor blending marker, which was pretty fun to use. I just felt like something strange, something I don't do a whole lot, and you know, I enjoyed it! I'm not sure if the green glow on everything turned out exactly the way I would have liked it to...but I guess it's okay. I love Nasher's (the rat) eagerness to watch the poor inmate-turned-hyena suffer. The hyena's expression is so cute, that worried/scar...
ThatHurt by CaliforniaKitFox
23705 views, 66 favorites, 14 comments
Thaat Hurrrt!
taste-testing by Swatcher
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