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The Green Ring by Fenchurch
18864 views, 150 favorites, 16 comments
The powerful green ring unleashes the form of it's previous owner, as Kala turns to a form resembling a desert lizard! And just before she was due to accept an award for her work in astronomy too...
Lizardman goo transformation by Kaju
2 images, 30799 views, 139 favorites, 13 comments
ninascroll by PickleJuice
67502 views, 138 favorites, 8 comments
The scroll transforms. He didn't believe it, but tried it anyway. Woah.
Unexpected Transformation by Ykoriana
15423 views, 134 favorites, 5 comments
Poor girl... didn't see that coming... Yet another commission for the awesome adf.
Cassandra by Maska
12071 views, 132 favorites, 3 comments
Not story related. Trying to get back into the creative groove with a little random sketch. Cass couldn't bear to part with her beloved pet. Now they're together forever...
lizardtongue by Mirandaleigh
15398 views, 132 favorites, 21 comments
People ask me "Mir, why do you say "blar'?" Well, I have a speech impediment. It's the tongue. Definitely. =p BTW, not a self portrait what so ever lol, so no, you still don't know what I look like. =p
werelizard by Hyenashifter
15870 views, 131 favorites, 15 comments
Were-iguana? Eh, sure! Why the hell not? :)
lizgirl-tf by Tania
29126 views, 118 favorites, 13 comments
Lizard girl (c) Tania Walker. Gift for a friend. She doesn't look too happy about her transformation, does she?
When Godzilla Attacks by Nickwolf
31809 views, 116 favorites, 4 comments
Inspired by a conversation with Coyotoy. Some might recognize this from my FA, but a bit more green. This is the actual painted colors, and I for one like them a tad more. I can't remember why I changed them, oh well. Either way, blue or green, that guy is in for a ride.
liz by TfProxy
18675 views, 114 favorites, 8 comments
Pleasing taste, some monsterism