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"There's Always Time for Ice Cream!" by Eccentricchimera
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And here's a somewhat refined and colored version of another rough sketch I did during the practice stream I did a few days ago, this time featuring two of my friends being transformed into ice cream!
Fullfillment of the Contr by Wrathofautumn
13938 views, 59 favorites, 16 comments
This is why you always read the fine print before you decide to go on tv and go through a nightmare of obstacles, mind boggling puzzles, and treasure hunts just to earn a few trivial prizes. :P
[Commission] Jaguar Idol by Ottter
5 images, 13115 views, 69 favorites, 8 comments
My first actual comic! Holy shit! This was a very tough piece to work on, but I'd say that I learned a lot from it.
Drawing problems by Taitora
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It often happens to me recently when I'm drawing and that's the reason why I post pic late sometimes XD
Automatic Update by Virmir
10052 views, 37 favorites, 5 comments
Commission for Zhed!
And here's another inanimate TF, of myself being transformed into a paw insole (You'll find that I specialize in inanimate TFs. XD)
Black Latex by Weazel75
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Suggested to me during a stream.
Latex Predator by Weazel75
7287 views, 30 favorites, 0 comments
Giving a proper sequence to an older image set of mine.
Puddy Cat by Ametf
6036 views, 32 favorites, 3 comments
Inky toony panther goo stuff. FA -