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Testing Phase by Demyxia
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Initial tests were successful, the serum has taken well to the test subject. His highness will be pleased with the results, I'm certain. Commission for @Niche of them being experimented on and turned into a Mantis Shrimp monster via my Scientist, Savato
billyflop by Bilious
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I know you lot all hate Billy and his terrible grossness, but I find him fascinating. Technically, he wouldn't be able to sit up on his own without his chair- so he'd be all flopped and squishy looking all the time D: poor guy. Hard to look badass when you dont' have too many bones left!
Vaccinated by Edthebordercollie
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Be careful administering those rabies shots, you just might need a tag for yourself.
an accident by Sa_no
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Just Add Lion by THE COAST IS NEAR
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Some illustrations I did for a short story by Portaljaguar2 on FA. Read it here:
zachchibiunderpants by Bilious
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dragon man in his underpants o:< Belongs to Antigra! For that Island of Doctor Moreau thing I've been arting for a lot :D
billyhairline by Bilious
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Some notes on Billy's current stage of his transformation into an octopus that can't be seen in the sequence image very well- his receiding hairline and sudden lack of ears ToT poor guy.
Draco Injection - Dragon TF by Dondedun
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Sometimes things do exactly what you think they would do.
Experimental costumes by Demyxia
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Chibi commission for FA of my doctor turning someone into a bat for Halloween
Snapshot 04 by GeckzGo
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New running shoes ;)