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steph lynx by Sevencarpileup
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Same friend from the centaur pic, now she's taken a concotion to turn her into a lynx!
gator by Limonpi
21406 views, 220 favorites, 7 comments
So this is roughly based on @Angrboda's character who is transformed into an anthro alligator~ Anyways, I like how it turned out; hope you guys do too :3
gaius by Bilious
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Gaius Harper, who had once been in the construction industry- now on the new island of doctor moreau, he finds himself slowly turning into a winged horse, thanks to Doctor Duvert's love of all things mythical. edit: Gaius is now finished transforming!
Greer by Emerwyn
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This is a sequence of the character, Greer Cassenwari, who is transforming into a Harris' Hawk. She is owned by Gaia's Perri Indiya. This is the first character I was assigned to as an artist at the Island of Doctor Moreau Roleplay. The first couple of stages are a little old, but I felt they were neccessary. Now we can watch not only the growth of poor Greer, but also the growth of my art as it is spanned over nearly a year!
Ker-Cow by Robertge
25124 views, 199 favorites, 16 comments
Another one for the herd! Another male has signed up to try out our cow formula. <3 Now when she wakes up in the morning and in need of milk, she can get some herself! >:3
wwtfseq by ShadowsMyst
94431 views, 186 favorites, 4 comments
a short woman to werewolf (anthro ) scene
Tigeress Transfur by NNBTK
17455 views, 179 favorites, 4 comments
Mid lizz change by Daniel-kay
19380 views, 178 favorites, 4 comments
+++Slightly older image+++ A guy changing into a lizard after injecting himself a chemical
Orange Serum by Tharakaos
16175 views, 165 favorites, 2 comments
A little injection, and teefy goodness ensues!
Vixenification Commish by AdeptOmega
39679 views, 162 favorites, 10 comments
First upload here! This was a commission for someone on FA. Sorry about the small preview size. :)