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taurified by Skychaser
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Never fails, go for a nice walk in the woods, turn into a centaur. Side Note: the background image is one of my own photos.
The Delta Project: 'The Storyteller' by Jakkal
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This was the October 2018 comic for The Delta Project featuring @PaulRevere's Karen, who far too often finds herself turning into a horse at the worst possible times. This was the Halloween edition of TDP, and Karen is picturing herself in the place of the victim of the storyteller's tale. The Delta Project is an anthology of short comic stories involving shapeshifting. Patrons get to submit and vote on ideas for the pages of that month. Want to be a part of it? Join now! https://www.patre...
Sassy Saddles by RushEloc
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Cursula's been having a lot of trouble with sassy buff horse dudes. She's surprisingly fragile for a borderline omnipotent cat monster. I guess the CURSE AGENCY has an extra service on the side where they can produce imaginary friends for lonely little kids. It's a great way for a frustrated single mother to force a deadbeat dad to be part of his daughter's life. Y'know, just as an example.
T-Rav Horse TF by V
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Horse commission for T-Rav on FA :D Tattoos were photo-shopped on from client reference, I wasn't able to do them justice hand drawn.
Rhihorsorus tf by Heezy
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Request for Mosherpit (FA). A guy turning into a half horse, half rhino. A rhihorsorus. :D
nm-horseyride! by Tincrash
46381 views, 84 favorites, 6 comments
War Horse TF by Dragon-Storm
24990 views, 83 favorites, 6 comments
Run out of horses, no problem, we just might be short 20 to thrity warriors, or servents...
Wanted: terrible grump by Fennex
14470 views, 81 favorites, 6 comments
Trade with @PaulRevere
Horse Head Hike by KrazyIvan
10097 views, 80 favorites, 2 comments
Another Horse TF for an awesome patron Nude version on my Patreon Page:
Pyke Goes Equine! by Ciervo
8268 views, 79 favorites, 3 comments
This is a commission Shadowfox014 got for his friend Pyke. I hear the subject of the image loves it, which makes me feel great :) It was also fun to draw a pleasant, happy TF; I draw too few of them.