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horsetf by Mirandaleigh
25513 views, 94 favorites, 6 comments
Young woman surprised to see she's turning into a horse, and in the workplace no less! Eek.
Rubber Mare by Fenchurch
17933 views, 92 favorites, 7 comments
I was just reminded to upload this, part of a three part collaboration to turn Zho into an anthro rubber mare! Here "she" is, fully changed. :-3 The other artitsts were Ness and Maltoran.
nm-horsetf by Tincrash
12177 views, 91 favorites, 9 comments
A Helping Hoof by Ciervo
12857 views, 91 favorites, 4 comments
Recently, Lance Foxx has been feeling a little unusual. Like he has too many toes. Like chickens just don't cut it anymore. Like he should be stronger, sleeker. Luckily, when friends have those feelings, I'm here to help. I've got a dozen sets of shoes in the back shed just for this circumstance, and will help you put them on! Just give me a little prior notice, if you can. --- The first digital painting I've done that's been wholly digital painting - and included a background, though b...
Panto Problems by Ametf
22259 views, 91 favorites, 12 comments
Commission for Silao on Furaffinity. Horsin' around with a costume
MandysDream by CaliforniaKitFox
30326 views, 90 favorites, 0 comments
Mandy's Dream
So Bored by K-Libra
12737 views, 89 favorites, 10 comments
I did hand studies and hated it... but I did it. So here's something with a hand theme for fun. It was an idea that was given to me whimsically. A girl in class decides to entertain herself.
HOLD YER HORSES by ReddishMaroon
9336 views, 89 favorites, 3 comments
tails and dress just weren't made for each other huh
Horsie by Viergacht
12290 views, 89 favorites, 8 comments
A commission for Spacix, another one I took to help pay for my cat's emergency surgery.
Sassy Saddles by RushEloc
19413 views, 86 favorites, 6 comments
Cursula's been having a lot of trouble with sassy buff horse dudes. She's surprisingly fragile for a borderline omnipotent cat monster. I guess the CURSE AGENCY has an extra service on the side where they can produce imaginary friends for lonely little kids. It's a great way for a frustrated single mother to force a deadbeat dad to be part of his daughter's life. Y'know, just as an example.