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horsefarmer by Hyenashifter
27101 views, 141 favorites, 10 comments
Someone's sleepin' in the barn tonight.
HorseCoffee by Faunus
17946 views, 133 favorites, 7 comments
You know how it're out having coffee, and whamo! You start turning into a horse.
farriermagic by Terrifel
22365 views, 132 favorites, 12 comments
When a lucky horseshoe gets too full of luck, it may tip over and spill all the luck out at once. If you're standing underneath at the time, you may consider this lucky or unlucky, depending on your point of view. Regardless, you'll certainly gain a fresh and intimate appreciation of horseshoes.
Lance's New Hooves by Ciervo
2 images, 19313 views, 132 favorites, 4 comments
Description from @Lancefoxx himself: I was struggling to remain human for the drive home after work, but now that I'm home, I'm turning into a real horse and I couldn't be any happier about it! Looks like I've been waiting all day for this. I look absolutely thrilled to see that my bare feet have turned into real horse hooves. I'd imagine that I'd try to hold the rest of the transformation back, not to avoid turning into a horse, but just to slow it down so that I could enjoy the rest of it a...
Mane n Tail by Corvidima
26581 views, 130 favorites, 3 comments
Maid Mareian by Cobalt_K
5 images, 24062 views, 127 favorites, 4 comments
An Iron Artist commission for Xodiac where he changes into a beautiful mare after touching a magical hourglass. As the sands flow in reverse, s/he also finds herself transported to another time and place. (My IAs rarely had backgrounds in them so I'm afraid the time travel aspect is up to your imagination.)
Horse Outfit by Fox0808
3 images, 26270 views, 127 favorites, 6 comments
Guy puts on leggings!
Hand And Face Soap Horse TF By Cayuga by Cayuga
15002 views, 125 favorites, 21 comments
"The owner of this establishment must love horses! Hands and face soap..." First person TF! Another one! I had to google "bottom of horse hoof" because I had no idea. And ignore that "mares" isn't mirrored!
Equimorphosis by Gryphius
13196 views, 125 favorites, 12 comments
Hard to take off a magicked necklace with hooves and arms that don't bend that direction! Been testing out some watercolors and other traditional things, here's the first result I'm happy with. XD Edit 22/9/16: Used a new scanner, goodness the difference is night and day. File switched!
Commission - Horseshoe Havok by MageOmega
5 images, 24276 views, 122 favorites, 11 comments
Flat color commission for Spacix on dA and FA