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COMMISSION A Winter Crisis by ReddishMaroon
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Hello!! Here is a commissioned sequence for @Paulrevere that is based on a delightful tale of an adventurer with a curse that causes her to TF into a horse. The story this sequence is based on can be read here: Go read it, it's super neato!!
Offstream Commission: Unfortunate Travelers by Jakkal
17200 views, 163 favorites, 4 comments
Commission for Angstskunk on FA, of two travelers whose car broke down. They found a fellow willing to give them shelter in his barn. Unfortunately the owner had a specific payment in mind. Frankly they should have slept in the car and called AAA in the morning!
horsetfinthechair by Tincrash
33343 views, 160 favorites, 10 comments
Perception filter by Fennex
23379 views, 159 favorites, 11 comments
How would you deal with your transformation when everyone around you still perceives you as human?
Horse tf by Heezy
11 images, 37229 views, 156 favorites, 10 comments
I started this at least three months ago, but got caught up in other things, so after a very busy time, I finally finished. It's been awhile since I posted anything, but I'll start to do more later on.
Hiyo-Silver! by Edmol
35197 views, 156 favorites, 4 comments
"Hiyo-Silver!" which a cat said as is the magic spell.
A Tail Of Change And Love by Trevor_Fox
6 images, 23026 views, 155 favorites, 5 comments
For Ultipand on FA. He invited an anthro horse over to his birthday party, but the horse had a different idea of fun for the birthday boy.
Uplift - Horse by Flinters
19637 views, 151 favorites, 5 comments
I had a request in a recent RudeRoo Design art stream to do a TF sequence from full animal to morph, reverse of what is more common. That sounded interesting and I did it in about an hour live on camera. It was a good opportunity to talk about panel layouts, flow of the design, tracking the motion, and telling a story without words. I usually like to have some sort of obvious causation agent present, but I guess we'll have to live with 'spontaneous morphification' here. :) Think I'll put t...
LS Commission: Karen's Weight Training by Jakkal
13938 views, 150 favorites, 3 comments
I'm sorry Paul, I really couldn't think of a better title! This is @PaulRevere's character Karen. As the story goes (The one we made up in the LS chat anyway) Karen the poor woman cursed to turn into a horse, may have found a cure! A partial cure, haw haw. That left her bottom half a horse while the rest of her changed slowly instead of at the same rate.
Diving for troubles by Jakkal
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Commission for @Ealadubh of himself on a scuba dive, and he finds trouble mounting against him. Edit: Jan 24, 2016 Added in #5 between the existing pages.