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OSC: Blind TF: Don't Touch the Goods! by Jakkal
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I imagine by now people have noticed this trend where I send these blind TF victims to ancient ruins. Well, you see, the owners of the area are frankly tired of all these so called archaeologists, scientists and even tourists mucking about the place. They wanted to teach these people a lesson, but at the same time warn off the others who might dare trespass! This poor fellow, you might know as Kenzu from FA, was wandering around ancient Greek/Roman ruins. But he did not heed the warning not...
Redraw and colour of Jan's first ever commission by KrazyIvan
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Redraw and colour of Jan's first ever commission For a nude version please subscribe to my patreon:
Office Mare by PickleJuice
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Fighting with the Office B is not a smart thing to do, even if you're just "horsing around." A shouting match might start up and then you're transforming into an anthro mare. Whoops! Done in a 1 and 1/2 hour livestream session Adult version:
Suddenly, Werehorse by Ciervo
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It's always disturbing to find out the stomach problems you've been having are premonitions of future equinity. Drawing from back in 2007.
Horsefeathers! by Ciervo
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He didn't know quite that muscle growth would have certain side effects, like loss of toes. Sketch from a few months ago that I still quite like :)
Mezuki mask TF by Kaju
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Mezuki→馬頭鬼→Horsehead ogre
Were-cen-wolf-taur by Viergacht
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A centaur who got bitten by a werewolf . . . or a werewolf who was bitten by a centaur. Either way, a lot of limbs. Werewolf Wednesday doodle!
Real HD by Kitsunefan
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Watching cartoons with a $50,000 HDTV can get you a bit more into it than you wanted.
Horsin' around by Demyxia
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Chibi commission from FA look, it's even a sequence
HorseSide by Foxx
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(again) reposted from earlier. it's a horsi!! hehe.. ya know, somebody was askingme earlier about doing more equines.