Gender Change

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A Mean Disease by Amber-Aria
9 images, 33228 views, 279 favorites, 9 comments
A sketch sequence for my 100 Sketch Challenge. This sequence is for Deiser on Furaffinity, and is the lengthiest TF sequence I've done to date. If you want more information on what exactly's going on in this sequence, visit my FA gallery to see the descriptions associated with each image! Deiser's not looking so good. I think he's coming down with something...
Artist Hunts by Tomek1000
3 images, 33091 views, 81 favorites, 30 comments
Hi all its time to start hunts on artists i plan to tf all artis who did tf me or plan to tf soon all of them will get into my trap and turn into what i will want them to become muhahaha first victims are vulpinekeyblader virmir wachout coz you dont know who will be next! (ps this comic is some way of my realaxing i draw it without sketh so its a bit test every page XD) (PS i add in this comic only artist or people who did art where transformated me into something coz this comic is s...
Biker Skunk Babe by Cobalt_K
3 images, 32822 views, 242 favorites, 8 comments
Protip: Never badger your girlfriend into adopting a lifestyle she doesn't want. Karma won't be kind to you. (And neither will your girlfriend.)
Catgirl Convention Cosplay by Cobalt_K
3 images, 32676 views, 164 favorites, 14 comments
This was inspired by my own disappointment that there weren't many good cosplaying catgirls at an anime convention. This guy here is upset by this as well, but in his case he's about to help balance the catgirl quota.
And There Will Be Ke'ek by Atalhlla
2 images, 32275 views, 94 favorites, 9 comments
Alternative title, which I vetoed immediately: Let Them Eat Ke'ek. Reason: Just No. Two page spreads done all graphic novel style :U Jeramy Fraser was just walking home from a late night of work when he was mugged by a pair of ne'er do well breasts.
Don't drink on the job by tfancred
4 images, 31512 views, 136 favorites, 9 comments
Sometimes, you just have to listen to your boss...
nm-labaccident copy by Tincrash
30785 views, 194 favorites, 8 comments
Mike Davis is having a bad day at work
Fen Fursuit by Fenchurch
30626 views, 125 favorites, 4 comments
I've been on a merging/costuming TF kick, recently. I know this is kind of a minority TF idea to draw, but I drew a couple of pics I really liked in this vein, like this one, and thought I'd share them. :-3 This is kind of a double TF, as a certain lioness has been turned into a fursuit, and Zho, on putting her on, finds himself turning into a lioness himself!
TGTigress by Halfwing
29933 views, 370 favorites, 21 comments
It's a... TG tigress pic? o.o''
Wah Happened? by Flinters
28964 views, 327 favorites, 12 comments
Troy experiences a change in his life at a Chinese All You Can Eat buffet. He'll need a whole new ward robe and not because of the food! Felt like doing a post TF picture. Had this pose and pun in my mind and had to do it. It's a cute self contained story all by itself.