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Horse by Tgwonder
16194 views, 116 favorites, 2 comments
Horse :V
Sequence Thing by WhenWolvesCryOut
2 images, 8212 views, 115 favorites, 2 comments
I haven't done a sequence from different angles and stuff in several years, so this is just a small practice thing of that. -Quick Edit- It was pointed out to me that I'd forgotten the collar in some of the parts, so I added them now.
Manely Horses (Commission) by Ciervo
17031 views, 110 favorites, 4 comments
Aayrick's doing a number on me: TF by comb! (That's a new one.)
Downy soft by LanceNightingale
13080 views, 107 favorites, 7 comments
-Personal- Just felt like drawing more sequences so ... I did... and harpies are cool. :D
Dog Filter - Dog TF by Dondedun
13125 views, 107 favorites, 4 comments
Wow, the new dog filter is incredibly realistic!
Tailsplosion! by Ciervo
10349 views, 106 favorites, 3 comments
Based on a quick sketch I did a couple months ago. Random guy find his shorts to be a tad small for his now appendage...
moose tf by Superboo
18088 views, 102 favorites, 11 comments
eh? eh????? (the moose is a previous tf victim, and the girl's well aware what'll happen if she kisses him. :B )
"Little changes" by KrazyKurt
18847 views, 101 favorites, 1 comment
Kelani turned into a busty woman. And someone "helped" him to make changes better ^^
No use hiding it by Demyxia
11887 views, 100 favorites, 2 comments
A commission for @wolfren of them enduring a slow TF/TG into their rubber raptor canid inflatable critter~
New Tricks by GrandStorm
18296 views, 100 favorites, 6 comments
Dream Master loves pets, and loves to make you one. Humiliate you, and toy with you. When he gets bored is where things can get tricky.