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Commission: Donkey TF by HamsterToybox
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Another sequence commission for @EalaDubh, this time with a cursed bridle :) Sketches like these are $20 each, if you'd like one :) Check my terms here: and email me at hamstertoybox at if interested. My FurAffinity page:
HUSTLED by Ealadubh
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It's that Puck again.
What's this? by Narubi
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Commission for Canine80 :) First time trying a donkey TF- lots of fun! ^^
Leon-Donk-Ani by PickleJuice
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Leon Donk animation Now with audio! If you like this sort of PG TF stuff, check out my patreon
COMMISSION: Don't Be An Ass by taklayyankovic
16136 views, 103 favorites, 14 comments
I don't usually draw donkey (or really full animal) TFs, but this was a commission. I had to watch the transformation scene from Disney's Pinocchio a few times to get the feel for this... I don't know why I've never actually seen Pinocchio before. But the TF scene is like, super creepy to me. D:
Pleasure Island photo Op by KelvinTheLion
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Another pair of donkeys on Pleasure Island. I'm just hoping you all won't whine and complain about the diaper in the last panel. If it bothers you, don't look at it. I put this here for the people who enjoy donkey transformations.
Kaya Misfire by wrenzephyr2
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My character Kaya having a bit of an accident with her recent potion, the gas slowly turning everyone who breaths it into a braying mindless ass.
Wax Museum by Swatcher
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I hope you enjoy being a fat cartoon donkey for the rest of your life, mister "sticky fingers".
PUCK by Ealadubh
15257 views, 30 favorites, 1 comment
Pay the Price, spoiled ass by Higurashiworkshop
15084 views, 83 favorites, 1 comment
Originally this was going to be a simple drawing for "Wrong Jutsu" but I wanted to do something more. (and I want to do a little homage to the "plesaure island" theme) :P I'm sorry (not sorry) but I really hate Boruto, that damn brat despairs me a lot. Well, a little bit of punishment is not bad ... (he´s still a jackass xDD) Humm... What would happen to his team mates? (inner question and good material for a fanfiction maybe)