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Self Reflection by Splice
21698 views, 159 favorites, 10 comments
Best viewed in first person. [Port from FA]
Forbidden Brew by Stickmanwww
19693 views, 143 favorites, 8 comments
A very curious farm hand sneaks a drink of his father's personal "brew". His dad kept a very strict eye on him and kept him away as best he could, and he always rebelliously wished to discover why. One day when he saw his chance, he took it. Then instantly regretted his actions... ...Until his human mind started to fade, leaving behind another assistant in the daily farm chores.
Making an Ass of Her by wrenzephyr2
13617 views, 134 favorites, 6 comments
Always word your wishes carefully when dealing with a devil. "I wish I could get Jack's attention" is still vague enough for them to play.
ninaweredonkey by PickleJuice
63585 views, 131 favorites, 7 comments
You get bit by a donkey, you expect a sore ass - not to become one.
What's this? by Narubi
3 images, 16352 views, 122 favorites, 6 comments
Commission for Canine80 :) First time trying a donkey TF- lots of fun! ^^
woman to donkey by FearGhoul
17014 views, 121 favorites, 10 comments
Not really the way you want a night on the town to end...
Kaya Misfire by wrenzephyr2
15836 views, 119 favorites, 4 comments
My character Kaya having a bit of an accident with her recent potion, the gas slowly turning everyone who breaths it into a braying mindless ass.
Donkeyfoal (Faces) by Ealadubh
18603 views, 117 favorites, 7 comments
A bit of background to this... Some time back Kuma sketched out a donkeyfoal sequence for Posti (same story as the later one by SpiritPup), but for whatever reason it didn't get past the initial roughs (not that there was anything wrong with it). Anyway, since I've been getting back into inking of late, Posti approached me to embellish, ink and finish it up; Kuma has given his blessing as well. Here's a taster, effectively a short sequence in its own right; there will be more to come.
Donkey Tf by Mearcu-hound
10997 views, 117 favorites, 3 comments
an occasional donkey transformation never hurts A little something to show im still around
pinata sm by Mirandaleigh
20345 views, 115 favorites, 13 comments
For Cinco De Mayo! A Pinata Burro TF. =3