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collie by Tamen
5 images, 204236 views, 1490 favorites, 161 comments
Collie commission
Experiment e by Edmol
6 images, 156606 views, 630 favorites, 38 comments
This is a new translation from SC.
Registry Error by Wrathofautumn
12 images, 99728 views, 213 favorites, 44 comments
When game programming gets so ridiculous, that the programming starts affecting you! O: Now the long list of tf requests comes to a close. Moving on to other projects now.
owlshusc by PickleJuice
7 images, 98846 views, 584 favorites, 27 comments
Huskie Mascot has to go out in the rain... after a weird meteor shower...
page by Angrboda
2 images, 68578 views, 395 favorites, 14 comments
Two page inked commish for @thistle. Boy > golden retriever girl.
Lostcat Commission by Wrathofautumn
5 images, 62896 views, 217 favorites, 13 comments
First commission EVAH! O:< Anyway, our lucky winner Ryan Osbourne gets to be a part of tonight's hypnosis session with the famed illusionist Ioshua Soloe. Boy, is he going to bite on more than he can chew tonight. :P 5/5 done
dogtf by Mirandaleigh
4 images, 57511 views, 170 favorites, 8 comments
Prim and proper lady changes into one of the canine variety.
G-Shep Fursuit TF by Fox0808
5 images, 57351 views, 265 favorites, 19 comments
*EDIT* All Parts Added! Commission done for PyroAssassin :D (5 parts) German Shepherd Suit :3
cirehusk by PickleJuice
6 images, 49173 views, 189 favorites, 17 comments
The heater goes out, and you say strange things.
HappyHalloweeen! by PedestrianWolf
45593 views, 265 favorites, 23 comments
For a contest on FA. The Halloween candy is tainted with something strange...