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Unintentional Surprise 'gift' by BengalBoy
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After a phone call with his girlfriend one late night abruptly ended when he joked about her biting him in the night, whilst they were asleep, for her to run to his apartment to try to get there before anything happened, she has some explaining to do.
Wolfman 2014 by Viergacht
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A photomanip commission of a classic-style wolfman, for use in a book. I started with three different photos of men's faces (all from Shutterstock), did a lot of subtle tweaking to make the face look less human - lowering the forehead, making the eyes further apart and the mouth area larger - and then added in elements from apes and bears. The nose is morphed between human and dog. Funny enough, I didn't use any wolf elements.
Amber Origins by BengalBoy
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Full story in the DA description since it's too long for on here.
WOLF by Tincrash
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nightfirer into tiger by Wrathofautumn
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Ever heard of those cats that have the fur patterns of big cats? Well their bites are cream-filled...with TF! Commission for Nightfirer
Arkanite-mab by PickleJuice
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A furry tail-snake thing bit poor ol' Arkanite on the posterior and... well... he *changed*, the poor fellow. Developed an appetite for rats and porcupines. Started growing fur in places they shouldn't ever grow. Soon the tail, still with a mind of its own, was somehow *his* and looked right on him. A Viverrae that looks most like a pine marten. (Character portrait for Arkanite, mabmorostable on furnet irc)
White Werewolf by V
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I wanted this piece to be simple, the colours, the theme everything. Just to clear out my head which has been plagued with perfection with anatomy and the like. I've been a big fan of Hodori and wanted to have a go at his style so here's the finished process. ALSO, I'd like your attention, Freeborn is being made. Please check it out and if you can get involved. Thanks!
One Weird Cat by Dondedun
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That's a weird cat.
Infected Wounds by Taitora
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Doodles for Shaprite on Furaffinity
Sketch - Eventful Hike by MaLAguA
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This is a bit of a sketch that began as simple practice, but as luck would have it, grew into what you see. A great chance to experiment with coloring techniques as well. ====== Perhaps what felt like the worst day in Tammy's life. The first day she and her roommate decided to take a hike to explore the new town they just moved to and her friend ditched her on account of getting sick within the first couple of days. Regardless, she urged Tammy to carry on with the exploration. The woods...