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walk in the woods by

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Pages Done: 18/??? So here I am, taking a hike in the woods...until I go find a creek off the trail...and should've noticed the "Keep Out sign", but it's been aged and weathered to the point of being indecipherable. For the Zodiac Tf Challenge. What am I? Well, you'll have to read the sequence and see. ;3 Anyhoo, critique and comments are welcome!


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I don't know, it doesn't look that bad to me. I assume this the start of a sequence?


i agree. i like how it looks together, its unique. and not in a bad way. I'd like to see where it goes with this style


JAWS is an xlent arguement against what this man say @_@


As long as the character looks fine, nothing else really matters because unless something is going on in the background, people won't notice it.(or at least I wouldn't have)


Reminds me of a river from the Xanth series, it was over fished and therefore turned anyone who drank of it into a fish to replace its supply. Gotta love sympathetic magic.


I think I see what you were going for with the mixed media. You might try colored pencils over copic marker (prismacolors would do just fine) with the microns. Allows for smooth textures where there's only marker, and rougher textures around the shadows and highlights. Anyway, give it a shot. Y'might like it!


Looks good. (sort and sweet)


1.4mb? wtf. Trim it down bro. Fibre-optic ain't THAT popular yet!


I used only prismacolors, a 2H pencil, and some microns along with photoshop for the next picture. Thank you Soty for the advice! It really helped make this next page a lot more cleaner! ^_^


i'm calling it right now, DOG. *sigh* are there no snakes on Transfur?


If you want to see snakes, then spearhead your own revolution :P I love the background of Panel One


yay for invader zim quote


Yellow, it's a tiger


Ha! Bacon, the subtle evil temptress of tastetyness... nice work with the birds-eye camera shot.


"I made it myself!"


^ What the guy above me said


Hikers don't know it's not bacon.


(Why was there BACON ON THE MAP?!!) I made it myself. I saw a quirrel


well. Maby i shuold draw something. Im more of a background drawer but, hey! I could give it a try =)


"WHY WAS THERE BACON IN THE SOAP!" "I made it my self"


I just love page 5. Very nicely done and my favorite. Good job Steven.


Page six is great ("No I'm not! Well... yes, I'm...")




I wounder what he did to get punished for it seems that he was just hiking. Or is it that the spirit just hates humans and feels that ALL humans should be punished.


I know this guy in page seven... but I can't remember his name... oh yeah i got it! It's Santa Clause isn't it?


Mad because he got no bacon...


Otherwise is ok, in my eyes :) BUT, as with all tf artists: Teh overuse of "opression"/" "




WOOT! Page 10 :P I knew the bunny was a somebody.


Least he gained a nice tail.


again, someone makes a guy take off his pants instead of his shirt. But it's still a great sequence. "I'm not crazy! Well, actually I am, but it's true!" LOL


how many pages are there going to be


"Pages Done: 10/???" That means as many as he wants :p


Technical comment: The pencils might not look so rough if you blended them somehow (those paper pencil blending tools, or just your finger?) Otherwise, loving it!


Picklejuice: I have just the thing. But there's only one small problem: I need to invest in an X-acto knife...and my last one chipped on me a long time ago, nicking my thumb rather good. I could get a new one, but right now, money's a bit tight. After all, food is a lot more nutritious than, you know...air? :P But I suppose I could try using my fingers. Just the cleaning up part that bugs me. >< Anyhoo! I'm glad to hear from you! :D Also, Mist: isn't that what TF is all about? The only ones who would actually see it as a reward from the start are the ones who are absolutely miserable in life, people who are insecure with their appearance or have lost everything. That's most of the cases with the happy ones, right? Taurenwannabe: those pants didn't come off, they disentegrated. XD More pages will be coming along the way!


wow, one of the best TF sequences that i have seen. it is really funny and very nicely drawn and though up. great work and hope to see more from you. 100/10 xD


Isn't he a bit calm on page 11? I thought he'd be panicking a bit more than that


That'd depend on Steven's take on what he'd think if he is put into a situation like that being as that is supposed to be him.


Ahhhh....... Disapproving Rabbits........ 7@=e


I like the eyes of the rabbit! O_o


A lament or lamentation is a song or poem expressing grief, regret or mourning.


Lament: 1. Feel or show grief; mourn for: to lament the dead. 2. Feel or show grief; weep: Why does she lament? 3. Regret. [From the Latin word Lamentari or Lamentum which means a wailing]. I'm pretty sure Steve meant one of those, Mix.


Ha. x3 That rabbits lament is strangely similier to Tim's in Monthy PYthons Holy Grail, love it.


I'm not sure if the expression on the bunny is supposed to be complete and utter terror or sudden and unexpected surprise.


I really love all the facial expressions, like the one where the guy is blowing off the warning, the shear terror on the bunnies face, and the guys expression at the end, their all pretty priceless, I get a kick out of them


This sequence brings me back, I say. Reminds me of the old days of furry. I'm not going as far as saying that the old days were better because they weren't in my opinion (The community is much bigger now). The sequence gives me a good nostalgic feel that's also fresh. CONGRATS MATE!


Wow, cool! More >___<,


Wonder if he's feeling peckish :P


Hi... I'm new. I am artist, too. I saw your art... all are cool.


It keeps on with the awesome! :D


Wonderful. Love the style... Oh, and heh, nice--way to mess with Marcia's head even more, making her wonder about just what she was...


It looked like the master had taken control of the guy who just turned into a tiger


Steven: My comment was cut short so rest of it was lost :S But, what you said to me is unreal. The reality is that theres wayy too much inhumane stuff in tf stories :P Why cant there be a good(well made) story instead of some *opression/humanity sucks* attitude in the air? I like stories with good plot, short or long :D Example: Why must tf be permanent? Why cant there be reasonable motive behind it, and the victim just hasnt learned that in the first minutes? What i am saying: *The tf is no tf without sad/happy thing(s) on BOTH sides. And with overuse of good or evil the thing will become boring :S*


Rough start, but the rabbit is pure genius. Thanks for sharing!


it would be neat if you did sequences of other people turning into their signs.


Mist: you raise an interesting point; there's plenty of room for stuff along those lines: wizards goofing off, far-future (or near-future) sci-fi with nanobots, whatever. The thing is that the sort of story you speak of is a kind which people either want to tell or want to hear - and a good fraction of TF buffs are probably also horror-movie buffs (werewolves, vampires, etc.) and appreciate that trope.


Nice touch... very powerful thoughts... and you seem to be doing well with your chosen medium of such... think about doing another... picking up another medium and pursuing it?


The power of Suggestion, that is how you SHOULD brainwash someone. Other meathods are too cheap and relyable. Get the victim to convince THEMSELVES what you want them to think.


Wappaloochie: Another medium, you say? Hmmm...I suppose I could try something else in the future. :D and I totally agree with you, Warlorn! It'd be something like out of 1984. 2+2=5!


I don't get the "You are Obedient because you are not Human" thing. #1, a TIGER is a WILD animal, and not a domesticated one. Commands like that mean nothing to a Predator that high on the food chain. #2, even domesticated animals like HouseCats and Dogs are not IRRISISTABLY compelled to follow commands. Ask anyone with a pet ... the very suggestion is rediculous and stupid. (IMHO) Also, I must echo some of "Mist"s opinion. The whole "Human's Suck ... being a mindless pawn is better than having free will as long as you have fur and a tail" thing is just totally unreal and not terribly fun, or entertaining, or sensable in any way. I like Most aspects of this sequence/story ... but the attitude behind it is it's lowest point. I.M.H.O.


WEIRD! I have felt compassion for a mental TF victim only twice before. Once in a text story image by Joe Sixpack who wrote of a guy being TFed and brainwashed into a japanese girl by his exchange family. And in the anime UFO princess where the demented cat girl maid Sanada ZAPPED and brainwashed DOZENS upon dozens of human girls into brainwashed cat girl maid. And the series is in it's third season, and they STILL haven't been debrainwashed and STILL the morality of it hasn't been brought up.


I'm just a bit upset you're turning him into a monster. I know that it's natural for a tiger to eat meat but still it seems really mean to make him want to kill the little girl and her mom.


I was hoping he'd still have his humanity like the rabbit.


Wheeeeeee! Finally, I'm getting my load of hate comments now! It wouldn't be a good sequence without some disagreement now, would it? XD First, lemme see...Vuldari, I do respect your opinion, I really do, but see the command thing has nothing to do with him being a wild animal...it's his own mind that's doing it. He's still human, but it's these suggestions Ember is feeding him that's reprogramming how he thinks. Now, Indagare, don't jump to conclusions so soon...hehehe, I'm still prepared to wrap it all up with a bittersweet ending. And werewolf-skin, well...we can't have everything we want, can we? Very soon, you'll all learn that I not a very sentimental artist. In fact, I'm a rather twisted one. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Twisted Steven? We don't know the half of it dude >.>


Is the Mom becoming a Dragon? If so, he's going to have a time atacking her.


LMAO to the comment above me.


wtf at the chicken part


Yes, I know that. I'm not stupid. It doesn't hurt to imagine & hope for something, does it? I'm not being mean. I'm just wanted to point that out.


>< something Ive learned from Stevens works, dont judge anything til he says its finished.


Is the kid becoming a rabbit? Because he certainly sounds as crazy as one (LOL)


When will you continue?


Looks awesome! When do you think you'll get to finsh it?


I personally have no cluse, guys. I'm not dfead, but I have gotten back into the rhythm of Mutant 59 again! :D It's been updating now for some time. :3


darn... I hate it when real life can get in the way of things... If it were up to me, every person who has an even considerable following should have a day of a week to work on stuff... but its not, so...


so, when is the rest gonna happen?


I would definitely like to see more of this sequence, especially with the chicken lady :P Speaking of that, the only real fault i have with this sequence is the child going completely crazy and doing the bugeyeed loko and stuff. it just seems waay too cartoonish and out of place with the rest going on, if he were freaking out in more normal tone or while making his own change then it would improve that page a lot.


i def think more should happen! have the kid fall in or sonthibg like that,,,,,Muahaha


Is this finished? I want to see more. Really good sequence so far.


that kid looks evil


Finished When?!?!


it is times like theese that I wish that my sign wasn't just a stupid goat!


Okay.... you've got to continue....


oh yeah and soon!


jajajajjaja the face at the guy at least image was so lol


come on...there's no way this is finished...


Where did the bacon come from. (these emotes can be created using a free iPod touch app called "emoji enabler". It is free so dont hesitate! 


I like it. Quite the random ending there though.


my sign is tiger so I wouldn't mind




i bet all the dragon sign people want this river XD


I believe I asked for FIVE strips of bacon with my map!